What Would You Want From Pokemon On The Switch?

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So, people are getting excited about the prospect of Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch. Question is: what would you want from it?

Firstly, I'll hoist my colours to the mast: the game needs Psyduck. Mandatory requirement. Make it happen, Game Freak.

Secondly, is it time to completely revamp the Pokemon formula? And if so, how much can the Switch play a part in that?

We know that the Switch doesn't have a suite of GPS capabilities, so doing some kind of cross between Pokemon Go-style discovery in the wild wouldn't really be possible. But there's no reason the gyro in the Switch or motion controls couldn't be implemented. Game Freak confirmed a couple of years ago that they were exploring ways to interface with the mainline Pokemon games, and maybe we'll hear more about that at E3 or during Pokemon Go's second-year anniversary shenanigans.

That might make portable Switch play a bit of a hassle - you wouldn't want to disconnect your JoyCon out in the wild just for a random encounter - but I can see Nintendo mucking around with the JoyCon's advanced features.

An expansion of the trading system makes sense, given the added power of online play and the wireless features in the Switch. Using the JoyCons to play classic Pokemon tunes is logical too, much in the way Golf Story used the HD Rumble for sound effects.

But with a new iteration of Pokemon coming to the Switch eventually - if not this year, then certainly next - it's worth asking whether it's time to make other structural changes. Should the system of legendary trainers and gyms, where the player chases each down to obtain badges, be revamped entirely? Is it worth considering having Pokemon level up moves as they use them, rather than just having them tied to a usage system with damage scaling to the level of the Pokemon?

But what would you like to see? Do you want the formula to change at all, or are you happy to just have a remastered Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow on the Switch for now?


    I would love another 'out of the ordinary' game like Pokemon Colosseum and XD. Something new and fresh that doesn't need to add a new hundred-odd beasts to an already overwhelming lineup.

    And like Colosseum, I'd like a less 'galactic-level' threat. The reason I think Team Rocket was the best villains was they had the most realistic motivations. Pokemon are Strong. Pokemon can earn them Money. They didn't want to flood/dry up the world in a plot that made no sense. They don't want to wipe out all life and start again.

    It'd be entirely possible to link Pokemon Go to the new game via the Nintendo App though, or through a standalone. Could run it similar to the Pokewalkers, transfer one over as a buddy, or something similar. Beyond that, as long as I can use my boy Nidoking, I don't care

    Difficulty settings. I know they had it on Black 2/White 2, but you had to unlock them. I still love these games, but they become way too easy once you know the series well.

    An open world Pokemon Snap 2

    What people really wanted was Pokemon through the BotW engine, not something that, if anything, was a project transfer from 3DS to Switch. They wanted an experience closer to the anime or even Monster Hunter where you could traverse the environment and see Pokemon in the environments. Sure, an ambitious project, but people would have waited for it. Even though people have been asking for it as long as the anime has been a thing. (To add insult to injury. World of Warcraft's pet battles have already managed it now 6 years ago. Good work Nintendo in letting Blizzard, of all companies, beat you to it in a game not even remotely about turn based combat.)

    Instead, if rumours are confirmed, we have a crappy looking 3DS port of Yellow with, potentially, a garbage connection to Pokemon Go. Why would I play this when I can just play the original Yellow with none of the crappy additions? In fact, why play it at all when I can just stick to Pet Battles in WoW instead of paying $80+ for a ported 3DS game? If Nintendo is releasing a half arsed 3DS game on Switch, there's no way it'll be meeting what I want from it and probably what many other people want from it - a genuine effort at a "console" game instead of a cop out.

    If the rumours aren't just rumours, I'm sticking with Pet Battles in WoW. I've got no interest in an umpteenth rehash, especially after the crap that was Ultra Sun and Moon.

      They wanted an experience closer to the anime or even Monster Hunter where you could traverse the environment and see Pokemon in the environments.
      This 100%.
      I've been waiting for this since Pokemon blue/red/yellow. I bought a switch because they announced the Pokemon main rpg for it.

      This. A truly 3D third person Pokemon game.

      We've all been waiting for it what.... 15 years? More?

      I think the Switch is a garbage piece of hardware....... But if a 3rd person true 3D Pokemon was released I would buy one.

      What do I think it will be? Another Pokemon game in the 3DS engine with slightly better graphics. Gamefreak are an insanely lazy company.

        Maybe try out World of Final Fantasy on PS4. It's essentially pokemon but uses ff monsters. Capture, train, battle. Good fun.

      Why would I play this when I can just play the original Yellow with none of the crappy additions?Maybe the younger generations who missed out on the earlier games. I know a lot of us grew up with Pokemon, and that there is a lot of nostalgia tied to it, but it is a game primarily marketed towards the younger generations.

      I think a Yellow remake would be a fitting start, so long as it is interesting and varied enough.
      Maybe a Kanto map with new pokemon and mechanics, or a Kanto map set 20 years in the future.

    I don't own a Switch, most of Nintendo IP's don't interest me, but Pokemon and Fire Emblem can push me into buying one. I'd love a Stadium/Colosseum (complete with mini-games) game, a new Pokemon Snap and whatever new main titles they release.

    The lack of random battles would put me off getting buying Pokemon, as would any near-mandatory GO tie-ins as my house and workplace are nowhere near any of the checkpoints in the game, and there's never a single Pokemon nearby either.

    Permadeath - Risk of losing pokemon.

    Good vs Evil Reputation system... why cant I be one the bad guys team.

    Some streamlining and some balance... there is a bit of bloat if you consider how much they added since the originals

    A Pokemon Conquest game!!!!!!

      Pokemon Conquest was a brilliant genre smash-up of Pokemon and Fire Emblem!

        Yep and one reason why it would be neat to see. A nice little breath of fresh air.

    I've always envisioned an open world Pokemon game where you had objectives and an overarching story but the world was yours to explore. Go out into the wild and look for Pokemon and send your own out to battle them when you find them. I'd like if the battles were more "real-time" similar to something like Pokken, but still adhered to the rock/paper/scissors nature of things so you can't go sending out any old Pokemon without thinking. Would also be great if parts of the world were inaccessible until you had certain Pokemon, like being able to travel lakes or climb mountains using certain Pokemon.

    Pokemon games evolve at a glacial pace though so this'll remain a bit of a pipe dream I'm sure.

    Optional Nuzlocke rules built in, with the ability to switch back into classic mode at any point if you wish.

    The ability to customize the experience a bit more. The formula is getting very stale.
    Let me skip tutorial stuff, they are the worst thing for anyone who has ever played a single game before.
    Nuzlockes are huge. Acknowledge that and make it an actual mode you can enforce via tweakable settings ingame.
    Give us more choice at the start than the standard elemental trio.
    Make the game's core progression different from "beat the gym leaders/Kahunas/whatever, then beat the pokemon league".
    A little choice or ability to roleplay within the story would be nice.

    I want the game to not be 90% hand holding anymore.

    I played Pokemon Red/Blue when I was 8 and I figured it out just fine without the game literally telling me what to do for every single step of it.

    The first town should be the tutorial then the game should get out of your way and let you explore and have fun.

    The ultimate extension of the handheld generations:
    • All starting areas accounted for with their respective starting pokemon. Want to start in Kanto? go for it. Attached to Fennekin? Pick the Kalos region as your starting zone.
    • Self contained, scaling stories for each region which where possible expand on the now complete stories of their original games. Once you have completed one story, the scaling nature would mean you can tackle the other regions and still get something out of it.
    • In fact, scale all of the things to the average level of your party with a handicap when challenging gyms to inflate difficulty. This would allow free exploration of zones and feel similar to how the post game of Silver and Gold was.
    • No random encounters, make each habitat crafted and have pokemon visible and interacting in said environment with chance rare encounters out of expected encounter areas. Fearow swooping into Viridian Forest for instance to be a jerk.
    • To that end, a camera with which one can take photos and an online rankings board that you can use to unlock frames, photo tools and so on
    • An twice a year Pokemon League event in game that runs the course of 2 weeks. This is an in game points based league where you can battle for rankings against players around the world. Top 4 finishers are crowned the elite four for the next event and they can defend their titles against challengers. In order to be eligible to take their position, you must beat all four and make top 4 point scorers.
    • I would like to see an MMOesque multiplayer component but I don't think it's going to happen
    • Full dex, none of this limited crap or limited access to hidden abilities. Not to say that hidden abilities and shinies should be common, but a slight bump in availability over the handheld versions would be preferable

    More opportunities to bond with your Pokemon, especially your starter. Have it's personality develop to be a focused fighter or happy go lucky goof.

    As many above, a final fantasy-eske open world rpg where you get to face off as a pokemon against another in 3d. So if you;re a skilled player you could in theory fight an underpowered pokemon very well against an OP opponent

    I always have and always will want a Monster Rancher Pokemon version.

    I want three simple things.
    1. A proper map that shows where all the regions are.
    2. The ability to travel to all the regions.
    3. My last need is your pokemon walked behind you. its a no brainer

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