When Fallout Meets Mother Russia

Image: Red888guns / Deviantart

It's not a real mod sadly, but if someone told me the original Fallout games were getting a Soviet spin-off, this is exactly what I'd want it to look like.

The mock-up comes courtesy of artist Alexander on DeviantArt, who previously worked on the Olympus 2207 mod for Fallout 2.

The latest images are a concept art on what a Russian-themed spin on Fallout would be. The Russians have their own power armour, and it's striking how well the setting fits.

Image: Red888guns / Deviantart

It's a shame it's not in active development, either as official DLC or even as a mod. But it's a great piece of concept art nonetheless, and it makes me long for a proper Fallout in the ideal nuclear wasteland. (It's also a good reminder that Wasteland 3 is in the works, although the vibrancy detracts from that old-school Fallout feel.)


    Silent storm is turn-based tactics in Russia with mech suits. It's more Jagged Alliance than Fallout, but it might help scratch that particular itch.

      Considering Jagged Alliance was pretty awesome in itself, that's not exactly a bad thing :) Thanks for the pro-tip :D

    Actually this would be cool. Would love to see the Soviet pop culture references... whatever they may be. In capitalist America bank robs you.

      I'd personally love to see a Fallout set in Soviet Russia as well.

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