Yesterday Was Dragon Quest Day In Japan

Photo: mo_ja_o

The first Dragon Quest game went on sale in Japan on May 27, 1986. To mark the occasion, Square Enix has registered the day as a holiday. Yesterday, was Dragon Quest Day!

It's not a national holiday, though some might wish it were. As IT Media points out, Square Enix registered the day with the Japan Anniversary Association.

So while it might not get employees the day off in Japan, the day is a good excuse for people to post fan art, photos and more to mark the anniversary.

Congrats, Dragon Quest! 



      I can normally control the OCD side of my nature, but that jumped out and punched me in the throat. How can people not have learnt:

        Maybe because they are Japanese?

        I think it's cute.

          Maybe. I did think of that after I hit submit. Still, its poor form to pick that as the header picture for the story.

          English is also used widely enough that it wouldn't be hard to check. Its just one of those things that I think English being a 2nd language doesn't excuse all the time. If you're going to use the language, you need to be sure you're using it right, and that picture wasn't done by an amateur.

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