You Will Suck At Fortnite A Lot Less If You Remap Your Key Bindings

Do you suck at Fortnite on PC? Are you baffled by other players' ability to magic together amazing forts while you've accidentally locked yourself into a brick box prison? Here's a trick: Remap your damn key bindings.

Fortnite's default key bindings are awful. To build anything, you need to reach all the way up to F1 through F4 when, generally, your fingers are going to be on W, A, S and D. When bullets are raining down, you're bleeding out health every fraction of a second it takes for your finger to get all the way up there.

Pros all have different setups, which the site documents. Twitch streamer Ninja, for example, has bound his building inputs onto his Logitech G502 mouse's thumb buttons, which a lot of people rave about. Dr. Lupo has bound his all around his keyboard - the wall build on Q, the platform build on ' and the ramp build on F. I can see the merits of that, since building a ramp while running along would feel way more comfortable.

What worked for me - and consequently dragged me out of the lower echelons of Fortnite play - is binding my building inputs to Z, X, C and V, right below my movement keys. That way, I don't have to move my wrist to construct my basic fort: four tall walls surrounding several staircases.

To do that, I need to jump right after building a ramp, which, frankly, feels bad when the ramp key is on the other side of the keyboard.

How have you tinkered with your Fortnite settings? How has it changed the game for you? We'd love to hear in the comments. 


    Yeah absolutely, the default key bindings are trash. I saw what streamer Dakotaz was using and copied him.

    Q = Vertical Wall, F = Horizontal Wall and V = Stairs

    Made a big difference for me, i would always forget to build in battle cuz it was too hard being on the F1-F4 keys and I freak out when people starting shooting at me.

    I’m a console player on Xbox. I use an elite controller. First thing I did was remap jump to LB, among other building changes. Default keys are trash.

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