A Fan Recreated Dark Souls In A LEGO Game

A very creative person has recreated Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls within LEGO Worlds. I dare you to name a more iconic duo.

LEGO Worlds is a big, sprawling building game where you play with digital LEGO, collect more LEGO and generally just have the most amazing time of your entire crafty life. Dark Souls is, similarly, sprawling and creative.

So it makes a little bit of sense to me that it would be possible to at least create some of the architecture and feel of Dark Souls within a big ole LEGO world.

In the Reddit post about the video, creator MythicMarty explained a little bit about the process of getting Hidetaka Miyazaki's masterwork crammed into LEGO Worlds. While the geometry and combat are well within the capabilities of LEGO Worlds, the user interface and sound effects are all carefully laid over the video in After Effects, melding our ideal Dark Souls with our brick smashing fantasies.

I've seen a lot of Dark Souls fan work. It's generally pretty good, but at this point I experience some real fatigue when I find out that someone has, yet again, made something from Dark Souls in some other video game.

But I have to admit that when something is as well-crafted as this video, my love for fan works shoots up again. I mean, this is good, and it's a great reminder that dedicated fans really do elevate a work in many important ways.

Now I'm just waiting to see how the creator represents the Gaping Dragon.


    Too bad TT games not doing anything creative with the LEGO anymore. Would loveless 'mainline' games.

    I mean this is better than a licensed lego videogame because at least the map is actually made of lego

    If this was your usual lego game it would just be like the actual dark souls map with a few bricks and lego pieces spread around rather than a full lego made map

    Its why i stopped played licensed lego games, lego star wars most everything was made of lego, the lego movie game everything was lego

    New lego games almost nothing is lego anymore besides the characters and smashables

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