A Quick Tour Of The Computex Show Floor

Computex is billed as the biggest tech show in Asia, and as far as tech shows go it's also one of the more interesting. So if you've never been before, come join us for a quick trip of the show floor. (One of them.)

I went for a quick walkthrough of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre yesterday, which is where you find your overclocking competitions, major brands, showcases of case mods, most of the stuff we'd recognise at a convention here - just on a larger scale.

But part of the fun of Computex is that you'll also see unknown brands and little vendors next to the larger names. One booth might be MSI - the next will be some random vendor that just does monitor mounts.

It's a lot of fun, so if you've never been, enjoy a walkthrough of the show floor below!

The author travelled to Computex 2018 as a guest of ASUS.


    Who makes the bear case and where can we buy it??

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