Age Of Ultron Almost Had An Infinitely Cooler Final Battle

Age Of Ultron Almost Had An Infinitely Cooler Final Battle

One of the most disappointing things about Avengers: Age of Ultron was how frankly idiotic the titular villain’s plan to destroy the Earth was. As it turns out, though, Marvel initially considered giving him a much more epic weapon to take on the Avengers.

Ultron, a robot with intense daddy issues. Image: Marvel

Artist Phill Saduners recently took to his personal blog with a number of sketches and detailed renders depicting the Hulk and Iron Man battling – I kid you not – Mega Ultron, a gargantuan humanoid robot made up of all the drones that Ultron deployed during the battle in Sokovia.

Saunders explained that while the concept for Mega Ultron was ultimately cut for some legitimate logistical reasons, he was so inspired by the idea that he took it upon himself to fully illustrate it:

Ultimately (and I think for the best) it was rejected, likely because as cool an image as it is it doesn’t make a great deal of tactical sense over an overwhelming swarm of bots, and probably would have taken more bots than would have been realistic for Ultron to produce! The concept was cut before I was half-way through the image, but I was having so much fun with it I decided to complete it on my own time, so I guess it you could call it “fan art.”


The Hulk and Iron Man buying themselves some time before Mega Ultron gobbles them up. Image: Phil Saunders

Give yourself a moment to really take in all of the details in Saunders’ illustration, because it’s freaking amazing.

While giant robots are nothing new for superheroes, there’s something inspired about the idea of Ultron making himself bigger and stronger by pulling his disparate selves together, given how he spends much of the film waxing about cutting the strings that connect him to humanity and his father Tony Stark.

It’s also charming and Steven Universe-y as hell to see the little Ultron antennae protruding from Mega Ultron’s fingertips.

Unfortunately, Mega Ultron only exists in another universe where someone at Marvel latched onto this idea and (rightfully) insisted that it had to be in the film. Alas, we live in this darkest of timelines where, um, Ultron’s plan literally amounted to lifting Sokovia up into the air and then dropping it back down like the temperamental child he was.


  • I’m not much of a fan of AoU, I consider it a misstep in the MCU, especially given we then got the brilliant Civil War, which turned out to be a much, much better Avengers (more or less) movie in its own right. That really, really looks like it would’ve been a much better final battle :O

    • I agreed with everything you said, except that this would make a better final battle. 🙂
      AoU had a lot of flaws, but I don’t necessarily feel that the final battle was one of them (in concept at least). Maybe it could have been improved upon, sure. But I dislike giant amalgamous blobs of CG as ‘final bosses’ in movies. It’s a massively overused concept, ever since developers realised that it was easier to make a CG bad guy just one big blobby thing than give him fine detail. It makes sense on paper, because we think ‘what would be the toughest, awfulest thing to fight? a giant whirling nightmare blob!’ Ever since Akira in the 80s, and western cinema’s adaptation of anime’s concepts and tropes over the last 20 years, it’s really prevalent. But I can think of sooooo many decent movies that have given into the amalgamous blob and ruined their own ending.
      Again, AoU’s ending could definitely have been improved upon. And the concept art is freaking beautiful – I love it. But the concept itself is weak and doesn’t necessarily translate to a good cinematic adaptation, in my opinion. 🙂

      • I guess the problem for me, is that AOU was a rehash of Avengers 1. The nameless army vs the Avengers (Hell, even Infinity war did this, but at least this time we had Generals as characters on the field?). Doing this, would’ve alleviated the similarity and given us an interesting aspect to it beyond “Here’s another Ultron and another and another and another”. Having them converge like ants into an Ultra-Ultron, would’ve at least been a visual spectacle. As it was, the constant swarm of Ultrons ended up visually boring at some point along the line.

  • Although seeing a giant robot would have been entertaining I have to disagree with the author claiming Ultron’s plan was idiotic. Simulating a meteor hitting the earth would have been devastating.

    • Agreed. It’s far from the worst thing about the movie. Not making better use of James Spader’s ominous voice – THAT’S the worst thing about the movie.

      • Worst thing the movie did was setting Ulysses Klaue up so well. To see him wasted so badly in BP made it a tragedy. Andy Serkis really delivered both times he played the role. Hopefully Avengers 4 finds a way for him to resurface, which is possible if the rumoured plots are correct.

        I didn’t mind AoU myself. Sure, it wasn’t the best Marvel movie, but it was far from the worst. I don’t think it would have taken much to make it stand out either, it just needed a few scenes tightened up, and maybe a couple more expanded. It just didnt feel like the same world ending stakes were at play, which hurt its impact.

        Most people’s expectations were based on repeating the first Avengers movie though, which was a pretty high bar to meet, let alone beat.

  • Catastrophe by improvised asteroid isn’t too stupid, as far as world-ending plans go. It even makes sense to do it to a city since the heroes attentions would be split with rescue work and they’d be hesitant about destroying it.

    • Yeah. He was trying to get hold of nukes but Jarvis/Vision was keeping him out. In theory he could build a bunch of his own nukes and stick them to drones, but that’s not really something the Avengers can fight.

    • I’d say Wonder Woman is better than AoU, but that’s about the closest any recent DC film can come. Controversially I’m not a fan of the Dark Knight movies, especially the third one

      • WW was shite, they missed out on so much, the acting, the slow mo. The end scene. It was crap.

        They changed her power set and they couldnt even explain her gautlets.

        It was a massive let down.

        • It wasn’t great, but still somehow better than AoU and every other recent DC film. That says alot about the state of DC films

          • Maybe I was expecting too much. WW is such an awesome character. The Animated movie is lightyears ahead of the live action and its done pretty well.

            The plot holes in WW are pretty massive, I can suspend belief but not that much.

          • I think the final boss fight and the crappy moustache kinda killed the end. That and the hero who sacrificed himself could have just bailed over the ocean or something

  • The Matrix: Path of Neo game ends with Agent Smiths forming up like this. It’s -almost- worth playing through that lousy game to see it with the Wachowski’s intro.

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