All The Hints And Details We Uncovered In The New Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Trailer

All The Hints And Details We Uncovered In The New Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Trailer

The great thing about Sony’s new trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is that while it’s (wonderfully) light on specific details about the plot, it’s chock-full of little hints and clues about what we can expect to see in the film. The trailer’s dense in the best way possible – so dense that we had to break it all down and highlight the most exciting and fascinating parts.

Into the Spider-Verse’s Spider-Men saving the day. Image: Sony

Miles waiting for the L train at the 31st street MTA station. Image: Sony

Miles’ narration in the trailer immediately establishes a few key things you have to understand about the movie, the most important of all being that it’s set in an alternate universe from projects we’ve seen previously.

Though his world may look and sound like ours, and others populated by Marvel heroes, there are a number of subtle differences – such as the fact that the L train in Into the Spider-Verse‘s New York City runs through the 31st Street MTA station (which doesn’t actually exist.)

Miles stumbling upon a fight between Spider-Man and what appears to be the Green Goblin. Image: Sony

Much like our universe, though, the sewers of Miles’ NYC are also populated by monsters. Interestingly, one of Miles’ first encounters with another Spider-Man happens as the costumed hero is in the midst of a fight with what appears to be a very intense-looking version of the Green Goblin.

The dragon-like creature doesn’t have Harry Osborn’s signature glider, but it is sporting a growth from its head that’s reminiscent of the Goblin’s classic hat, and the monster’s overall build is very similar to the character’s appearance in Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

Miles and Peter’s spider senses interacting with one another. Image: Sony

Ultimately, Spider-Man saves Miles from the dragon monster, and when the two have a chance to catch their breath, they realise they both have spider senses that cause a kind of psychic feedback when they’re in close proximity.

The first trailer for the movie showed us the Peter Parker/Spider-Man of Miles’ universe is dead fairly early on in the movie, which suggests that this encounter is the very beginning of Miles’ introduction to the existence of multiple universes.

Miles looking at various incarnations of the Spider-Man suits Peter has in storage. Image: Sony

But Into the Spider-Verse isn’t just going to hint at the multiverse, apparently. It’s going to lean into it in a big way, judging from the collection of different Spider-Man suits Miles sees after meeting the new Spider-Man.

At some point, Miles is going to come across the suit designed specifically to neutralise electricity introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #425, and the suit introduced in Secret War #1. The question now is whether these suits belong to the Spider-Man Miles meets or whether the man’s been collecting these from other universes.

A middle-aged Peter Parker. Image: Sony

As it turns out, the man beneath the mask is actually Peter Parker, albeit a much older version of the character than those we’ve seen in Sony’s other Spider-Man movies.

He’s a little grey and in need of a shave, but he’s more than confident that he can teach Miles how to be a hero – and it’s interesting that he’s adamant about Miles learning how to become the hero that he‘s meant to be and not merely Spider-Man’s apprentice.

Miles’ parents Jefferson and Rio. Image: Sony

In most versions of Miles’ story, his mother Rio is dead, something that pushes him to protect New York much in the same way that Uncle Ben’s death originally gave Peter the motivation to become Spider-Man.

In Into the Spider-Verse, however, Rio’s very much alive (as she is in the 616 universe), which is likely to create a much different dynamic between Miles and his parents than we’ve seen in the comics. His dad’s still a cop, though, and they all love each other very much.

An explosion taking place the Kingpin’s office. Image: Sony

Between the (maybe) Green Goblin and the Prowler, Into the Spider-Verse didn’t have a shortage of villains to begin with. But in case that wasn’t quite enough, the movie’s also set to include Wilson Fisk (Liev Schreiber), whose silhouette can be seen briefly cast against an explosion in an office.

Gwen Stacy introducing herself. Image: Sony

And then there’s Gwen.

Gwen Stacy’s inclusion in the film is the most shocking and welcome surprise of all, and there are all sorts of implications attached to it. This iteration of the character is a teenager like Miles, but her presence in his universe is curious because in most tellings of her origin as a hero, she was bitten by the very same spider that was meant for Peter.

Because Miles’ universe already seems to have a much older Spider-Man, it stands to reason that Gwen never would have become a hero (and should also be much older or dead). She could very well be from a universe all her own given the sort of beats that Into the Spider-Verse is going for, and her ballet shoes might be a hint that she is, in fact, an all-new character – but for the time being, it’s anyone’s guess.


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