Amongst The E3 Circus, Jurassic World Evolution Drops This Week

Amongst The E3 Circus, Jurassic World Evolution Drops This Week

With all the announcements of games coming out in the months and years ahead, it’s easy to forget that some games are coming out this week. Like the one that lets you build your own dinosaur park.

Jurassic World: Evolution is the latest sandbox-park-builder from the makers of Planet Coaster, which we enjoyed a lot. The only part that didn’t work for us, specifically Amanda, was the inability to doom your park guests to a terrible fate.

Fortunately, letting dinosaurs on the loose should fix that.

Frontier’s latest game unlocks on Steam late Tuesday night, although given the timing of the Nintendo conference and how brutal Tuesday is, chances are most Aussies won’t get around to it until Wednesday.

The dinosaur-management game was livestreamed for a couple of hours today, just before the Bethesda showcase (so most people probably missed it). It offered a longer look at the construction and management mechanics.

A large part of the early game is juggling: keeping different dinosaurs separate from each other, making sure the conditions are right for each particular species, building enclosures, researching cures to deal with sickness, tranquilising dinosaurs that wander out of their pens, making sure guests don’t get gobbled up, and somehow making money throughout all of this.

You even get to aim as the sniper:

The stream also showed off a Jurassic World: Evolution themed Xbox pad and console, which looks sick:

No idea whether that’ll be available for regular purchase. Either way, Jurassic World: Evolution drops in around 2200 AEST tomorrow night, going off the Steam unlock time. We’ll be getting some codes in locally, and we’ll let you know our thoughts once E3 settles down.


  • The game looks fantastic but I’m not too keen on the price, especially with Mario Tennis out soon which I’m even more excited about. Might have to wait for a sale this time.

  • Just watched the trailer for this and while it has got my attention it does bring to mind a very sad fact…. I wish there was a good Dinocrisis sequel / remake

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