Assassin's Creed Origins On PC For Under $35

Assassin's Creed: Origins still costs a motza on PC: just under $90 if you're buying through Steam. Alternatively, you could pay half that price right now.

The Egyptian assassination adventure is available through Green Man Gaming right now for just under $35 ($U26.40), which works out to substantially lower than Steam after the currency conversion.

It's also one of the cheapest prices amongst the respected third-party marketplaces online, and you can get a 56% discount on the Gold Edition as well if you want to grab the season pass at the same time (it's $US17.60 separately). You don't need the season pass for the very good Discovery Tour mode, however.

Tips For Playing Assassin's Creed Origins [Updated!]

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Discovery Mode Turns Assassin's Creed: Origins Into A Museum

The Assassin's Creed. Origins Discovery Tour is out today. It turns Ubisoft's detailed recreation of ancient Egypt from a giant sandbox full of parkour and murder into an interactive museum.

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Keys redeem through uPlay, just so you know. If you're interested, check out the deal here.

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    The game was worth every cent at full price IMO.

    Absolute steal at that price.

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