At This Capsule Hotel, There's Free Beer

In the past few years, there has been a capsule hotel revival in Japan. Th lodgings are more plush and comfortable than ever. One new chain is offering more than slick interiors- it has free beer on tap.


Free drink services are nothing new to capsule hotels, but they typically provide soft drinks.

But at a new capsule hotel chain known as The Millennials (sigh), free beer is served daily from 5:30PM to 6:30PM.

Not bad, huh?

Free coffee is available around the clock, as it should be, and there are free rolls for breakfast.

The Millennials has locations in Shibuya and Kyoto.


    You had me thinking there was a literal beer tap in my capsule room....

    I thought this sounded really interesting until I saw the price point, live in a cupboard without tv for $120aud a night. LOL, no.

      The video shows the door at the foot of the bed doubling as a projector screen, so you've got TV.

      On some work trips, I've spent hardly any time at the hotel (dinner with colleagues, breakfast at conference venue). If the price is right, then I'd consider something like this.

        It is more for the projector, $120 is for the room without projector.

      How does it compare with other hotel prices in its location? That seems like the most relevant point of reference.

        Seems like you can get a ok room for the same price.

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