Bethesda's Next Singleplayer RPG Is Starfield, A Sci-Fi Game

Bethesda's Todd Howard just announced on stage at E3 that the company's next big singleplayer RPG is an all-new story set in an all-new universe.

Here's a very brief trailer:

Your guess as to what it's all about is as good as mine.

Maybe it's Bethesda trying Mass Effect. Less romance, more space lettuce collecting?


    Well that teaser told me nothing but the bare minimum. Still, I'm super interested in what this might be. Skyrim with lasers? And space dragons?

    With Bioware seemingly moving away from Mass Effect, there should be plenty of space for a scifi RPG. Hype!

    Well the music was nice so it has that going for it I suppose.

    So hyped for this!!!

    I wonder what the game will be like, its hard not to have expectations. But i wonder if it will be a mashup of No Mans Sky / Mass effect / Elder Scrolls in space.

    I'm thinking though it will be released late in 2019 or early 2020.

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