Canadian Cosplay Show Knows How To Party

Canadian Cosplay Show Knows How To Party

YetiCon is a cosplay show that’s held every year in the Blue Mountains NW of Toronto. In addition to being a cosplay con, it’s also one hell of a cosplay party, with attendees booking themselves in for a weekend of pool parties and adventure sports.

The Legend Of Micah was there with his camera shooting it all, and it looks like it was a ton of fun. Not to mention the fact there was loads of amazing cosplay on show as well.

Here’s Micah’s video:

And here are some stills if you’re unable to watch video at the moment:

NOTE: If you know (or are!) any of the cosplayers below, let me know and I can add a credit!

Cosplay by tacodactyl
Cosplay by binrand& silentsnuggs
Cosplay by qcobb & mopopolo
Cosplay by Wandering Chaos
Cosplay by nana_strikes
Cosplay by Angels n Demons Cosplay
Cosplay by cosplaybutterfly
Cosplay by @weirdtakoyaki
Cosplay by aokaycosplay
Cosplay by Enayla


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