CG Wasn't Used To Create This Sorcery 

GIF: フリスクP

YouTuber Frisk P is quick to point out this effect wasn't created by CG effects. Instead, this is the result of a modded Nerf gun and rotating LEDs.

As Get News explains, the effect is generated by a 3D hologram display called the Phantom.

Created by Tokyo-based Life Is Style, the Phantom is outfitted with a row of LEDs that can display customised images.

It's a more complex version of those simple LED fans.

There are a number of companies making 3D hologram displays like this. Even though they seem aimed at advertisers, the displays are able to render all sorts of spells.


    Seen a few of these going around now, what's the sudden fascination? Persistence-of-vision displays are hardly anything new, that's even what powered the freakin Virtual Boy.

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