Community Review: E3 2018

So, E3's done and dusted for another year. What'd you think?

There's always plenty to unpack from E3, from a hardware and software side, but there are a few things I think everyone can agree on straight away.

Firstly: Square Enix's conference was an absolute shocker. Not only did they give all the good footage to everyone else, they didn't talk about Final Fantasy VII and showed off barely a minute of footage from some new games, which provided bugger all context whatsoever. I'm hoping they return next year with something to talk about, because damn that half hour was bare.

As for Sony: their conference wasn't great either. It was structured in such a bizarre way: fresh Spider-Man gameplay was shown immediately after the event, as was Dreams, rather than being packed into the conference itself. There was a huge gap after The Last of Us: Part Two while everyone was shuffled into another area; it was just stitled and weird.

Ubisoft was tight, although I would have liked to have seen a lot more from Starlink since it's coming out this year. Odyssey looks good, but more firm details about Beyond Good & Evil 2 is really what I want most from Ubi for now. Who knows when that's coming.

So the PC Gaming show and Microsoft delivered for me, although it would have been nice to see some Squadron 42 gameplay from Star Citizen rather than a promo video for an alpha update. Chris Avellone on Dying Light 2 is definitely an interesting choice there.

And finally: Cyberpunk 2077. No gameplay footage, although we heard plenty about the gameplay after all those one hour closed door demos.

Here's Every Trailer From E3 2018

It's E3 week, which means trailers. Lots of trailers. More trailers than a trailer park full of trailers, where the trailers can breed with each other to create even more trailers. But don't worry, you'll find every one of them, right here, to save you the trouble of jumping around the internet.

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What was the best conference of E3 this year for your money; what game are you most looking forward to this year, and - besides Cyberpunk 2077 - what are you most keen for in the years to come?


    I disagree, I quite enjoyed the showing at E3 - but I guess I'm not as demanding as others.
    Seeing some new stuff from Ghost, Division 2, Cyberpunk, Last of Us 2 and Anthem made me happy enough and I think Sony and Bethesda put on some good shows.
    Devolver's show was so off the wall, it was hilarious and basically echoes the "your show was not good enough!" mentality of viewers.

    The moment I found out Tales of Vesperia was getting re-released my show was done. Didn't care about anything else, just having that game on my PC will be enough when it releases.

    Good to see more news about BG&E2, was hoping we'd see more.

    Overall it was a pretty good year, Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2, Smash Ultimate, Kingdom Hearts, Last of us 2 all had good showings.

    also that poll for best conference doesn't have Microsoft on it, which i would have voted for because i think they had the best selection of games to show.

    How come you didn't include the Xbox conference in the poll?

    RIP Microsoft. Not included in the 'best conference' poll haha!

    No Microsoft on the conference poll? I didn't catch SquEnix/PC/Ubisoft, but of the others, Microsoft knocked it out of the park. Sony's insistence to only show exclusives ultimately meant there were far fewer games, and while they all looked interesting, there wasn't anything that really stood out. Otoh, Microsoft looks to have just bought every reveal they could find - it was just game after game after game.

      I see it the other way, Microsoft leaned on titles that aren't exclusive to their platform because they don't have a lot of big titles coming up, so instead they sort of advertised for everyone. Sure Sony's weird little artsy stuff was garbage, but they came out swinging in terms of what their platform has to offer. Microsoft didn't really do that because even their highest points (with the exception of Halo) is still an advertisement for the Playstation.

        Oh, definitely. I'm not saying it was good publicity for Xbox - I was no more convinced to buy an Xbox than I was a month ago - but as a consumer, they showed more games that I was interested in playing than anyone else at E3 this year.

        New halo, several new gears of war titles in different genres, cyberpunk, the acquisition and support of numerous indie developers, dying light. Sony owners seem to only have eight variations on dark souls... seems to me that even when you take out all the third party stuff from Microsoft's showcase they've got more variety to appeal to a broader range of gamers.

          There was literally like three good exclusive titles my dude, Halo and two Gears. Claiming eight varieties of Dark Souls when the big reveal was the fifth mainline Gear title and two spin offs; while ignoring that there was actually only one in the form of the new title from From.

          What are you on about? Get back in your box you silly fan boy.

    I thought this was a great E3 and it indicates we are looking at another release window (for Sony at least) like the one at the start of 2017, which was so crazy I still haven't managed to finish all those awesome games. I dedicated my weekend to finishing HZD, next is going to be RE7. This was a bright E3, there is so much great stuff coming.

    Bethesda was the best for me, more Doom is good. I guess I'd give Microsoft second place because they seem to be trying harder than before. Sony had some strong titles but was otherwise fairly boring. Didn't care much for the PC show.

    All in all, a pretty meh year.

    Is it just me or is Microsoft not actually listed as an option for Best Conference or are we just voting for second best?

    For me Microsoft "won" because it just happened to be the one that showed all of the games I'm interested in. Nothing on the actual Microsoft side was particularly interesting or notable though so as a Microsoft conference it wasn't really that great. Overall though it's really the games that won E3 for me and not any particular publisher or console manufacturer. I'm really looking forward to Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima and Devil May Cry 5 with the next tier of hype being occupied by Metal Wolf Chaos and Battletoads.

    That's not to say I'm disinterested in the "big ticket" games, I just don't really get that excited about AAA mainstream titles.

    Devolver was awesome. Just a great show. Love the look of My Friend Pedro.

    Bethesda was great. New Doom is always good, and I’m actually looking forward to Rage 2.

    Ubisoft gets a mention too, as I’m cautiously looking forward to Trials Rising.

    I didn't think much of it. I was hanging out for Bethesda's Fallout 76 and they managed to hit every button I didn't want pushed while at the same time showing that they really didn't understand the game world. The TES preview didn't tell me anything we didn't already know ("there will eventually be another Elder Scrolls game").

    Spider-Man has promise, but the promise is "it's another Arkham game" and they can be great or not-great. Cyberpunk 2077 I want to see, but they didn't show it off.

    Other than that, the game I'm probably most interested in coming out of E3 is Madden 19. Which is a bit of an indictment in itself.

    If it was in the list I’d vote for MS conference too - regardless of whether the games shown are exclusive to their platform or not it was the best, most fluid presentation for my own tastes. 2nd prize Nintendo, 3rd Bethesda.

    Ubisoft is wasted on me because so many of their games do so little for me; was actually excited in the MS conference for ‘the division 2’ until i realised what it was/is. Maybe it’ll be great but so turned off generic ubi games now it’s hard to see how they can grab me back (complete contradiction; AC: Odyssey is a good attempt but will take more than a few trailers having been so burnt on the series!)

    I really enjoyed it with lots of good games coming.Cyberpunk was Game Of Show for mine,with Ghost of Tsushima a close second.However,showing Cyberpunk to Journo's and not to potential customers was infuriatingly bizarre.

    Microsoft should be there! Let me know if you still can't see it.

    Man it saddens me (currently) 1/3 of the voters put Cyberpunk as best of the show. I mean, I'm totally into it, and I wanna get it, but the showing of a 3-minute CGI trailer got best game of the show? :/

      CDPR wouldn't show a CGI trailer - Pre-rendered, maybe. But that footage was 100% in engine.

    I am left excited for Cyberpunk (moreso than I already was) and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Let down by Fallout 76 (would change my mind if I could host a private server perhaps) and really let down by no ports of Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3/New Vegas/4 for switch. I admit those were long shots but would all be insta-buys for me!

    Bethesda were the clear winners to me. I liked what Sony were showing but not how they showed it. Also disappointed there wasn't any tease or update about the MediEvil Remaster!

    Voted Rage 2 for game of show because it looked pretty awesome. Dying Light 2 I'm also super pumped for (and probably would have voted for it had I actually read the options rather than scanning for Rage 2 and not seeing it there).

    Kinda silly that most of the 'game of show' options I could see were for games that had nothing but trailers. Might as well put Elder Scrolls VI up there :P

    Oh and I'm a bit of a Sony fanboy, but I turned the conference off towards the end. Mainly to get back to work but also because it was just a very boring conference. To be fair, maybe they had to pull back after absolutely smashing the last two out of the park. Can't have a bunch of new release announcements every year I suppose.

    Being primarily interested in Nintendo, it was pretty terrible. They showed all of nothing and a whole load of Smash. Nothing to get excited about at all, not even a hint of Pikmin 4 or any kind of progress on Metroid Prime 4. And that awful cocktease of a Star Fox cameo.

    Bethesda clearly won the show. Fallout76, Starfield, TESVI, Rage2, and one of the better mobile games we've seen for a while. Negative points for the poorly thought out Andrew WK performance, but huge points for Skyrim: Very Special Edition.

    honestly the only thing that got me excited was that Doom teaser and that was tiny. so all in all i got about 20 seconds out of the whole weekend.

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