Creative Assembly Site Mentions New ‘First Person Tactical Shooter IP’

Creative Assembly Site Mentions New ‘First Person Tactical Shooter IP’

It doesn’t sound like the Alien: Isolation sequel that everyone dreamed of, but as it turns out Creative Assembly are cooking up a new shooter.

The UK-based developer, responsible for the Total War series and Alien: Isolation in the past, is putting together a new FPS according to their website. Multiple job postings on the careers page, for CA’s console team, mention that the studio is developing a “First Person Shooter Tactical IP”.

Creative Assembly Site Mentions New ‘First Person Tactical Shooter IP’

The listings also note that the new IP is being made by the team responsible for Alien: Isolation, although there’s little detail beyond that. An opening for an animator on that same team does list “excellent hand-key animation skills for both humans and creatures” as essential experience for the role.

It’s nice to know that the talented Alien: Isolation team are working on something new, even if it’s not ready to be announced yet. Until then, you can always replay your Ripley fantasy with this handy mod, which boosts the level of detail and shadow maps to 4K.


  • I just started playing Isolation last night, and not quite into it yet… Very slow to start; just got done with the second mission, and what I thought was building tension just sort of eked away again when I realised nothing was going to happen for the time being.

    Plus it never helps when there’s scripted sections in actual gameplay that you don’t see cause you’re busy pointing the camera off somewhere else scouring for “scraps” to pick up when something apparently runs through an opening you’re not even looking at – thanks to the audio cues and Ripley reacting to something she didn’t even see cause she was too busy playing Rubbish Ransacker ;).

    Having said that, man is it pretty, and boy does it actually evoke proper Alien design ethos, of the ship etc. A lot of quality work has clearly gone into it, so I have hopes for whatever this new project is that they are planning for.

    Will keep giving Isolation a go for the next few hours, at least hopefully til the alien properly starts showing up and you get the motion tracker. Maybe at that point I’ll be more invested.

    • I found it a roller coaster started slow got good, got repetitive, ended great.
      It’s not the greatest game but it is worth the play.

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