Cyberpunk 2077 Might Have Troubles Getting Rated In Australia

People have been waiting keenly for Cyberpunk 2077 ever since it was first announced. But judging by the Australians who have gotten hands-on time with the new CD Projekt RED RPG at E3 this year, there's a genuine concern that it might not get past the Classification Board.

Whenever a game is refused classification in this country, it's usually due to two things. The first is around the depiction of sexual content, typically involving sexual violence or the depiction of minors in sexual scenes, acts, and so forth. That's how a lot of anime-style games, like Omega Laybrinth Z, get slapped with an RC.

The other, and more common, reason for a ban: drugs. "Computer games will be refused classification if they include or contain 'drug use related to incentives and rewards,'" the Classification Board's report for We Happy Few said.

It's a clause that has seen changes to Fallout, State of Decay, and numerous other games. And it's because of that clause that many Aussies, in town for E3, are worried.

David Hollingworth, editor over at PC Powerplay and a friend of the site, noted that drug usage was a big theme in the Cyberpunk 2020 source material as well:

He also tweeted this image from the rulebook, which I've taken out separately (because it's rotated on Twitter):

Image: Twitter (David Hollingworth)

A detail confirmed by IGN is that the player uses an inhaler to heal, which historically has been a giant red flag for the Classification Board. The censors have always been very quick to ban anything that treats drug use as a reward, whether those drugs are over-the-counter medicines or via prescription.

Asthma medication is a pretty broad range of medicine - there's preventative puffers, combination preventers, tablets, puffers just for relief - but in general, it's difficult to see how the Board wouldn't have a problem with this. State of Decay fell afoul of censors because "it would be very difficult to complete the game without some form of medication", and it seems Cyberpunk 2077 will run into the same issue unless there is an alternative healing mechanism.

That said, Cyberpunk 2077 is still a long way from being released. E3 is still ongoing for this year, and if we can get some more info from CD Projekt RED about the game's use of drug usage and how that might affect its release in Australia, we'll let you know. Correction: GalGun was never RC'd in Australia, although EB did pull it from sale voluntarily. Apologies for the confusion.


    I don’t understand how television like GoT can exist where nudity and rape (of a minor) are portrayed and inherently implied, but we’re not considered a mature enough audience to decide for ourselves what acts are moral or immoral.

    I get the feeling that the ACB is catering to the lowest common denominator, ensuring that kids aren’t influenced, by simply removing content. But isn’t the average gamer demographic like 30 or something?

    When the news is all negative and nobody cares, and television can have nudity, high violence and drug abuse, why not games?

      Most laws work by governing to the lowest common denominator. That's why they are there, either to protect stupid people from themselves or to protect people from others.

    Im not too worried. Just do what i did with Mortal Kombat back when R18+ games werent allowed. Go for a trip to New Zealand and bring a few copies back. Then GUMTREE them

      I hear mortal kombat mentioned but I used to play it in the arcades in the early 90's
      And you could buy it at game shops albeit they were changed from the original.
      A quick Google and oh they released it and that one got banned. Oh I see now.

    I generally buy the region free cdkey (not into the material world, lol)

    I hope CDPR stand up to this bullshit censorship regeme. Sell the game any way, don't be pressured by puritanical bullies into changing art to conform to their closed minds. We're adults we should be allowed to consume whatever art we want, so long as no one was harmed to make it.

      So like some one who takes upskirt pictures claims them as art, the art vs pornography argument goes back centuries.
      So as long as the person having photos taken of them never finds out and it doesn't affect their life (causing no harm) that's cool?

        You need to re-evaluate your definition of harm. Just because someone doesn't know they're being harmed, doesn't mean they're not

          I usually go by a dictionary but I would like to hear your take on the word?

    Typical aussie government...more worried about drug references in video games than child rape in churches.

      Is there a royal commission on drug use in games going on I haven't heard about?
      Might have been drowned out from all the coverage of the bills the government is pushing out from the finding and recommendations from the royal commission into the church abuse scandal.

    If they remove anything from this game, I will be VPN'ing and buying it from the US store. screw this country's backwards ass rating system. 26 years old but treated like a child when wanting to play games

    Gah.. how the hell is it 2018 and we're still trying to get a proper R18+ rating applied to video games. How hard can this be?!? The damn average age of gamers is 31 for Christ sake?!?!

      It's problematic due to the 'game' tag. That leads them to think they are kiddy games, same as poor parents do. The answer is to police the existing laws, not penalise the legit gamers. There has been no charge of breach of game rating against an Australian parent, ever, but we ate still penalised with no supporting evidence, other than moralist wowsers and questionable academics.

      It's hard because we only complain in forums and comments section but never to actually needs to be told.

    Well it will make it more difficult for us to get the game but not impossible. That's another reason this censorship crap is ridiculous. A lot of us still end up playing games that get banned, we are just forced to pirate them, or if it's censored, someone creates a patch and it's back to the intended way to play the game. Censorship is a futile endeavor.

    Ugh. Looks like I'll be importing, because right now, that's the main game that interests me out of the new batch.

    Ehh, good old governmental control. Glad I have a VPN for that reason. If anyone wants suggestions I can recommend or Surfshark

    It's pretty crap that we have to use external tools to bypass the government's silly restrictions, but it is what it is.

    Last edited 21/06/18 6:42 pm

    It's weird though, Fallout 3 was only refused classification because the drugs had real world names, the use and effects remain untouched. So in theory if Cyberpunk just use fictional names then it should be ok. Here's to wishful thinking.

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