Cyberpunk 2077 Is A First-Person RPG

Cyberpunk 2077 Is A First-Person RPG

We got a peek at Cyberpunk 2077 during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, but other than verifying that the cyberpunk setting will, in fact, have mohawks and buildings that appear to have been smuggled out of Blade Runner while nobody was looking, we didn’t actually learn much. Today, CD Projekt divulged some real details.

The open-world role-playing game will take place mostly in first-person – as opposed to The Witcher 3‘s third-person point of view, which was designed specifically so that you could undress Geralt with your eyes whenever you wanted. However, you’ll still get to see your character during conversations and cut-scenes, so it’s more than just a first-person experience.

You’ll play as a character named V, who CDP describes in a press release as “a hired gun on the rise in Night City, the most violent and dangerous metropolis of the corporate-ruled future”. You’ll be able to choose V’s gender, appearance, class and historical background. Any of those things can influence the “shape of the game,” CDP wrote.

Much like Geralt from The Witcher, V will still very much be their own person, rather than a blank slate for the player.

“For us, having someone who’s voiced and a named character allows us to build more interesting relationships,” the game’s associate design director Kyle Rowley told GameSpot. “So V in a sense does have her own kind of personality, but you shape it as a player.”

V will have access to multiple options in many scenarios, from violence to hacking to engineering. RPG elements are also present in combat, with damage numbers popping off enemies à la Destiny or Borderlands. There are also combat abilities that allow you to do things such as slow down time, according to IGN.

And of course, you can drive, something you probably already surmised given that the game’s most prominent piece of art so far is a dude leaning against a car.

Stats will have interesting impacts outside of combat, as well. For example, there’s a street cred stat that lets you open up even more of the open world. A certain jacket might raise the stat a few percentage points, granting you access to new areas or conversations.

Oh, and there’s a “cool” stat, but PC Gamer, who noticed it, isn’t clear on what exactly it does. Personally, I hope that when you max it out, it turns you into Geralt.


  • I’m actually a bit disappointed that there’s character customisation, but glad they’re at least giving V a voice and some character. One of the greatest strengths of W3 was that they could really build an arc for Geralt, instead of the aimless meander that the voiceless protagonists of the Elder Scrolls games tend to be lumped with.

  • Please dont nerf the graphics! Please dont nerf the graphics! Please dont nerf the graphics!
    im really looking forward to this and it looks like its made for the fans rather than just a shot in the dark, hoping people will like it.
    im genuinely excited for this

      • From my point of view, i hope it would mean that they have taken one of the greatest genre’s and tried to make a game that isn’t insulting to the fans and will be a real vibrant and living world with a very real cyrberpunk feel.
        That if built like the Witcher franchise, is something applauded and not just a money grab.

        But we will have to see, im optimistic.

      • Fans are a vocal minority that says the games have to pander that what they say and not the general market.

        • Then realise that what they asked for isn’t what they actually wanted then blame the developer. Letting ‘fans’ drive development is basically commercial suicide.

  • Go read the Cyberpunk 2077 table-top RPG rules, people. Everything you need to know will be in there…

    • You mean Cyberpunk 2020 and no it isn’t all in there. They’ve confirmed there will only be solo, tech and netrunner “classes” at the beginning at the beginning of the game, but the system outside of that it is free form character progression. People are more interested in what video game elements are present (such as 1st person) which are unsurprisingly not mentioned in the 2020 handbook.

    • I genuinely hope that they put as little of Cyberpunk 2020 in the game as possible. That game is a clusterfuck of dumb rules and stupid stats and the further it’s kept from Cyberpunk 2077 the better.

  • It being in first person doesn’t sound bad at all to me. I just noticed some people on the IGN forums seemed to be driven mad with rage at the news.

    Assuming that this game has a much greater focus on shooting mechanics than close range melee combat, first person makes sense.

    • Hah. IGN comments. You couldn’t use Max Scoville’s giant spoon-shaped face to shovel out all of the crap from that cesspool.

    • I’d probably prefer third person given a choice but it’s not a deal-breaker for me.

      The little bloody numbers popping of an enemy as you shoot it, however just may be. I really hope you can turn that off because I absolutely hate that in a game. I’ve just blasted you in the face with a shotgun but you’re not dead because a little 25 flew off you’re head instead of a 30. No thanks.

      • Oh yeah I forgot about that aspect of it.

        I concur. I hope the flying numbers can be turned off or displayed in a less intrusive way.

  • In a crushing blow for games journalists everywhere, Rowley stated that the game would be “hard”.

    Negative reviews inbound!

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