Destiny 2’s Next Expansion Is Changing A Lot

Destiny 2’s Next Expansion Is Changing A Lot
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The next expansion to Destiny 2 is Forsaken, out September 4 and bringing a bunch of stuff to Bungie’s space shooter, including a wild new mode and an overhaul of how weapons work.

Perhaps the biggest change is the new gun system, which Bungie says will allow you the flexibility to equip just about any type of weapon in just about any slot. While Destiny 2 reserved shotguns and other heavy weapons for your “Power” slot, Forsaken will allow you to equip up to three shotguns at once, like some sort of crazy person.

There’s also a new bow-and-arrow (!!) weapon and new supers for each class.

Destiny 2‘s first incarnation had static rolls for weapons – in other words, every weapon would always have the same stats – but Forsaken will bring back random stat rolls, allowing Destiny players to return to the loot-hunting compulsions for which the first game was known.

This will add more grind to the game as the most hardcore players chase the best stats and drops, which is something that many of those players have wanted.

The expansion will take place in a new location in the Reef, and the story will task you with hunting down seven different Fallen barons. It will culminate in a raid called the Dreaming City that Bungie describes as “like the Vault of Glass and Dreadnaught had a baby”. The Dreaming City is actually a full endgame destination, Bungie says, with a raid inside it.

“Full of secrets to discover and bosses to defeat, this destination also houses the brand-new raid and is the first space designed from the ground up to support endgame content,” the company said in a press release.

There’s also a brand new 4v4 mode called Gambit that will combine PVE and PVP, pitting two teams against one another as they compete first to kill computer-controlled enemies, then to kill each other.

Each team will have an energy bank and compete to fill up that bank with motes of light. When the bank is full, a team will be able to summon a “prime evil” and invade the other team. This one will be playable on the show floor at E3 next week.

This winter, Bungie added, PVP quickplay will permanently change to 6v6, just like everyone wanted. Rumble’s also coming back for good.

Here’s the full reveal video:

Year two of Destiny 2 will also have an “annual pass” with “premium content releases” that Bungie says will feel a little different than the expansions we saw this past year, Curse of Osiris and Warmind. The studio’s David “Deej” Dague wasn’t clear about the differences, but hinted that they won’t be as story-heavy as previous expansions.

Forsaken costs $59.95 on its own, and $99.95 with the annual pass.


    • We are listening, we are changing, we are listening, we are changing.

      Worst boyfriend ever.

    • You have to own Curse and Warmind if you want to play Forsaken too. RIP mates planning on coming back for Y2.

  • After being there from the alpha I think I will pass for now. I think there are new and fresh things to drop my cash on.

  • Yeah, look Bungie. If Curse of Osiris had brought all this to the table then you might have had something.
    But taking 3 xpacks just to get the game back to what your first one was? I’d call it a joke if it was at all funny.

    • When you consider it took Destiny 3 lots of DLC to get to anything resembling a decent full game, you’ve got to give it to them for being consistent. It’s laughable that they’re just revisiting old spaces from the first game again though (and still no new enemies?). Is there anyone left at Bungie with any original ideas at all?

  • Another round of “We’re redesigning this… again… Isn’t that cool?! Just keep paying us, eventually we might figure this whole game design thing out.”

    Yeah, no.

    • I think they’ve totally figured the game design thing out.

      1) Build a base game.
      2) Eek out small improvements every expansion
      3) Release regular expansions, at $60 a pop
      3a) or annual passes to get upfront cash from people that probably wont play too long
      4) Profit

      All these small changes from one xpack to the next isn’t an accident. They had this planned out from the moment D2 was announced, and its simply replicating what made them a lot of money in D1.

      In the era of ‘games as a service’, this is what its come to. Its no longer (just) about entertainment or giving the player what they want, its about how they can gouge as much money out of as many players as they can.

      Which means giving the player what they want as slowly as they can.

  • What, the new expansion where they actually have to EARN peoples’ money with something exciting, unlike the season pass expansions that they just half-assed, ‘phoned in’ and didn’t give a shit about because they already had everyone’s money from launch and weren’t likely to see much more uptake?

    Yeah… call me fucking cynical about these.

    • I needed harddrive space to install a few games for a LAN, I’ll give you 3 guesses which game I uninstalled.

      I like Destiny, but this whole shit that Bungle are doing isn’t cool. This sort of content should have been in Curse of Osiris, I haven’t even touched the new DLC because I gave up on it. There’s no hook to keep me playing other than “GRIND YOUR ASS OFF FOR NO REWARD”

      • Come on, be realistic. Why would they put something like this in CoO, when there was a new Annual Pass due to come out just a couple of months later?

        They needed to save SOMETHING for the new year of passes, or people wouldn’t see a need to buy it.

    • Yeah it seems like they’re now charging a frankly insulting amount to “make the game good”. At that price they would’ve had to seriously impress everyone with their last “Annual Pass” (ugh) to make this look even remotely like a worthwhile purchase … they did pretty much the opposite of that.

      I’d sooner spend $60 on Warframe than I would even $1 more on Destiny.

  • yea no, I personally might marginally care if WoW expansion didn’t just launch like 2 weeks previously (Aug 14 vs Sept 4) but given the disappointment of both DLCs none of my current clan members give a crap about D2 anymore and without a friends playing D2 is a dead game

  • The game is dying and their solution is to add more paid expansion packs (that are once again not included in the season pass). This will split what little is left of the the player base even further.

    But oh we’re going to bring back random weapons stats so you can grind away and make all your existing weapons useless if they don’t have a good roll….sigh.

  • Really hard to excited about any Mehstiny related news anymore.. they’ve had so many chances.

  • At first glance, I thought i’ve read “destiny 2s next expansion is Charging a Lot”. After reading, I realized it is what they meant.

    • Well, it was only for a season. Which apparently is about a year in Destinyworld. This is the logical next step for ‘games as a service’ – passes being time limited so people have to buy more than one.

      • Yeah you know what, that is pretty piss poor. I mean they release a game semi finished for full price and expect you to fork out extra bones for some pretty average extra content to be released at a later date. Then drop this shit and expect people to accept it, kinda dense if you ask me. What happened to the good old days. I mean I understand the games as a service with subscription models, I just feel thats better left for the actual MMO’s of the gaming world.

        • Not a fan of it myself, at all. But that’s the corporate minded world we live in now, and to an extent I can understand it. Online services aren’t free, so they need some sort of regular income coming in to pay for it all. We’ve moved past the days of only MMO’s needing regular payments.

          But when they release an expansion only a few weeks after launch, and include changes that break the game if you don’t have it, its always by design. And going to piss people off.

          Bungie know exactly what they’re doing, but I’m not sure they realise that players aren’t going to accept it. Did they think the lootbox issue was limited to just that product?

    • Why would it? this is a expansion pack not a DLC. that was year one, this is year two.

      • Actually it is a DLC pack, but if you want to keep paying for sub par content by all means continue to do so. In the end it is just my opinion.

        • The Taken King wasnt a DLC it was a sizable expansion, in the old school sense. So there is no reason to think this one wont be the same. Furthermore the yuear one season pass clearly states you are buying TWO DLC, it doesnt saying ‘includes all DLC ever made for the game’

          As for your subpar content. I got 1500 odd hours in D1 for like $250 odd, not bad for all that apparent subpar products they launched. in D2 vanilla I got like 400 so far, 30 odd for (the way too tiny but still worth the money) CoO, 150 since the launch of Warmind and still havent completed it all, all for $130, not bad for subpar content.

          Content you dont like is only subpar to you.

  • Good grief, $60-100 for a game that’s already released? Audacious. Plenty of better ways to spend that (eg for those who want to play a game that is both complete on release AND regularly supported by free content updates, do yourself a favour and get Monster Hunter World. The contrast with Bungie’s approach is stark).

    • $60 AUD for an xpack is fairly standard… I mean look at BFA for WoW (which is $70)

      the only galling thing is that Bungie will happily charge you extra for a stupid season pass…

      • A WoW expansion offers a gargantuan amount of new things compared to the 2 hours of recycled content that is a Destiny “expansion”.

        • I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt because by all accounts everybody is like “Taken King was fraking amazing” and this is meant to be the Taken King of Destiny 2

          off course my expectations is rock bottom low but I have no intentions of buying the Xpack anyway (currently)

          • Taken king was just a DLC.

            This is a DLC you have to buy, And then Buy a Season Pass for the DLC itself to get all the content.

          • money wise, I think that’s the crux of the problem. the buy in for Yr 2 of Destiny 2 is much higher then Yr 2 of Destiny 1

            time will tell if that pays off for bungie

          • Yes but there was this huge gulf of absolutely no content, in which everyone complained and complained and lost their minds (even more than in a standard week in the community), so in D2 they have decided to do something about that terribly dull time. Just you need to pay.

        • Yeah you’re thinking of the first two expansions. The year 2 expansion is more substantial than that 2 hour campaign thing assuming things stay the same as they did in Destiny 1.

      • Been a long time since I’ve played WoW but aren’t those expansions huge though at least. CD Projekt Red were the best I can think of. The Witcher 3 DLC were massive.

        • as I said above, i’m giving them the benefit of the doubt haha

          also Witcher 3 DLC was a rare beast in the gaming community, both were fairly low cost relative to how many hours you could squeeze out of them.

  • Considering all the mistakes they made and how everyone effectively beta tested the broken game they should not really charge as much as they do for this next expansion in particular to people who initially purchased their first season pass. $60 AUD // $40 USD is a bit too much for what should have been there, to begin with, and at best they should only charge $30 AUD // $20 USD for this at the most.

    • $60 is a bit much for what should have been there, to begin with

      Genuinely curious, what part of the expansion’s content do you think “should have been there”? Everything listed on the roadmap for 2.0.0 is free to everyone who owns the game – it’s separate to the paid expansion content – missions, strikes, raid, exotics, etc.

      • Fair-cop misinterpreted the video and thought that content was for the exp purchasers only, that being said the extra updates admittedly should have been there as they’re at best natural evolutions of the Destiny 1 ideas and at worst stuff they took out only reimplement again because they’re daft.

    • Don’t pre-order. It’s a digital product and there’s zero risk of it running out. You don’t know enough about this release yet to make a sensible purchasing decision in advance.

      • Doesnt really matter if I preorder today or when it’s time to preload, I’ll be getting it no matter what because I enjoy the game especially with clan mates buuuut I’ll wait incase a collectors edition is announced

  • Having seen this announcement my mind wanders to the game I’m currently playing, X-COM 2 and its own expansion which while a little less still cost a lot

    But it changed almost every facet of the game and it finally made Xcom 2 my favourite strategy game, the stories you could have with just your bond mates,

    developing your rookies not just into badass colonels but nigh on gods of war with the extra abilities, using the specialists, fighting the chosen as they went from a fear inducing presence that could turn a successful mission on its head to a complication to finally, an enemy you could eliminate

    This destiny expansion will be close to a 100 dollars to begin with in Australia I’m guessing, and it appears that it will offer nowehere near that level of content or change.

    • Whoops my bad, didn’t realise the prices where already in dollarydoos, argument still stands

  • I think I am done with Destiny 2 after my 200 hours with it. No inclination to grind any more.

    Started to get a bit exhausted by the live services model. I’ve got The Division, Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor, Destiny 2, Monster Hunter, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Battlefield One & Elite Dangerous all vying for my time.

  • I am totally ready. So much interesting stuff. While I think the new season pass is a tad too high. I think it is a good idea. It stops us having a repeat of those boring months a few months after Taken King was out. We wanted more content and this is the price of that.

  • Wow I made it 30 seconds into the video but there’s only so much “please take me back, I swear I’ve changed” routine I can take.

  • So bungie has made a season pass for an expansion

    Was bungie doing LSD while dreaming up this idiotic idea?

    This game is dead to me. Not buying any dlc for it at all.

  • I can’t wait for the new legendary rocket launcher drop that fires wads of cash which will be required to take down the end raid boss which features a poorly designed moving target you will never actually be able to hit…

  • Meh, it’s like the only game my bro plays, so I’ll be buying it to keep up with him. Bungie are very dodgy developers these days, that’s an objective fact. But for people who enjoy destiny, even if it’s only like myself who comes back into it in fits and spurts, I can’t say it’s not worth the money. I’ve gotten a lot of hours out of it. To each their own.

  • Passing, not worth the risk after how many times they have burned us. Much better releases around the same time, Bungo the burns are third degree – cant feel anything now.

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