Dev Uses Postgres Database To Play Star Wars In ASCII

Dev Uses Postgres Database To Play Star Wars In ASCII
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It’s hardly the most convenient way to watch the iconic franchise, but if you’re familiar with Postgres and you wanted to spice up your day, why not watch Star Wars in ASCII?

For the uninitiated, Postgres is an open-source object-relational database system. Which means a whole lot of nothing to most people, but for developers it’s been a handy platform for managing data, creating stable environments and building applications.

So it’s not a tool that the vast majority of us will ever touch. And for those that do, it can be strenuous work. But if you are mucking around with Postgres and need a break, why not … watch Star Wars?

Will Leinweber held a presentation recently at !!Con 2018, showing how to use the database to pull all the necessary info to playthrough the Star Wars trilogy in its entirety. It’s not something you can just download or get working without prior knowledge, but it’s cool that someone knocked this together nonetheless.

It’s far from the most practical way to watch Star Wars, and ASCII Star Wars has been a thing for almost a decade through the Telnet client. Still, it’s neat what one nerd’s dedication can create, even if it’s wholly useless as far as productivity is concerned.

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