Devil May Cry 5 Announced For Next Year

Capcom unveiled the new Devil May Cry during Microsoft's E3 press conference today and it looks rad as hell, y'all.

The game will be a direct sequel to 2008's Devil May Cry 4. A seemingly short-haird Nero of DmC returns with a white dye-job and a metal arm, designed by a new snarky sidekick to "kick demon arse."


    Not feeling the new style, now release a demo so I can get hyped from the gameplay.

    You lost me at "snarky sidekick"... Billy Idol with a sword y'all!! :)

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    Why'd they take away his cool demon arm and replace it with a lame looking cybernetic one? If you're going to have a cybernetic prosthesis at least make it look cool and practical in combat. That looks like it would take one hit from a demon claw and smash into pieces.

    Kind of "meh" on the buzz cut too. Nero always seemed like he was supposed to be the new Vergil, especially when he takes up the Yamato, (We should be out of spoiler embargo by now...) so it would have been a nod and a wink if they made his hair similar in this one.
    Still, it's Devil May Cry so I'll be getting it anyway.

      It looks like he gets his demon arm ripped off in the trailer. But yeah I’m not loving the design of his new arm. Hopefully you can change or upgrade it.

      I'm guessing Virgil reclaims the power of the Devil Bringer, which means Nero needs to replace it with something.

    I need this in my veins, Itsuno being on board guarantees it being amazing, and the tease that we are most likely going to play as Danta and Vergil as well gets me excited.

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