Don't Give Up, Dark Souls Skeleton

Dark Souls modder Zullie the Witch has been messing around with the game and got something cool up and running: the ability to swap the player's model with other characters and enemies. The best of them being a skeleton.

In addition to looking cool as a naked skeleton, you can also put clothes on the guy:

This works because the game can be tricked into essentially equipping an NPC as a piece of armour. While that will result in a mess for many units in the game, some — like the skeleton — are the perfect size to actually work.

You can see more of Zullie's work at their YouTube and Twitter pages.


    Nice one! I want to play as a skeleton!

    The skeletons always seem like they're having so much fun. Even the way they fight is boisterous and enthusiastic - they throw themselves sword-first at the player, often landing in an unceremonious heap. They strap themselves to wagon wheels and roll themselves at the enemy at top speed. Overall, they're pretty metal.

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