Aussie Doom Cosplay Is The Real Deal

Yes, that's cosplay.

This is Aussie cosplayer Scrap Shop Props with a 1:1 Doom Space Marine, which just won best in show at the Supanova expo in Sydney.

Cosplay by Scrap Shop Props | Photo by Steamkittens

If that's not enough, they're also responsible for one of the biggest and best Reinhardts I've ever seen, that comes complete with a jet engine effect at the back.

Cosplay by Scrap Shop Props | Photo by Steamkittens

You can see more of Scrap Shops work at their Facebook page.


    Pretty sure I saw this costume at PAX Melbourne last year. Really cool

    Pretty awesome!

    I've always wanted to cosplay classic Doom guy, but you gotta get pretty ripped for that.

      Get someone to make a muscle suit to go underneath. You might even be able to buy one from costume shops, eBay, Amazon etc.

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