Dragon Ball Player Microwaves His Cereal Milk, Shattering My View Of Breakfast Forever

Dragon Ball Player Microwaves His Cereal Milk, Shattering My View Of Breakfast Forever

While the Summit of Power rages on at the Beyond the Summit house, one factoid has been haunting me. During last week’s events, Vineeth “ApologyMan” Meka was caught on camera, warming up his cereal milk in the microwave.

Yes, that is correct. It’s hot cereal.

The tech, according to ApologyMan, is to microwave your bowl of milk for 60 seconds, or a full minute, in the microwave. Then, you pour your cereal into it and enjoy what I can only imagine is like oatmeal but sadder.

This might be news to some, but ApologyMan has been doing this for years. In my search for answers to questions like “why,” “how,” and “where is God in all of this mess,” I found AMA answers and mentions of the Molten Flakes cooking method dating back to 2015. Hot cereal is not a fad for ApologyMan, it’s a lifestyle.

Side note, there are two reasons I really like Summit tournaments. The first is exactly what this clip demonstrates: a relaxed, Terrace House approach to an esports tournament where the players compete, but also joke, chat, and play other games like Jenga or Mafia.

The second reason is Summit’s well-made video segments, and someone had the perfect idea to sit down several other players in attendance and put them through a cereal taste test.

You can skip ahead to 4:39 if you want to see the “ApologyMan” Style segment where they all eat the steaming bowl of mush, but the whole video is fantastic. The paired-off players rank a myriad of cereals and discuss what’s good in the world of box-made breakfast.

At one point, Ryo “Dogura” Nozaki calls Grape Nuts the Ryu of cereal, and it changed my outlook on life.

So we, I, need to know if there are other hot cereal enthusiasts out there. Because the worst part is, after seeing some reactions, I’m starting to wonder if I should put some heat on my milk before pouring it into some Cocoa Puffs. That would basically be like hot chocolate but with cereal, right? Damn. This is how it starts, isn’t it?


  • I had hot coco pops once or twice when I was younger and it was quite nice. A family member used to eat hot weet-bix all the time when we were kids (about 30 years ago). They would put the entire thing in the microwave, weet-bix and milk. Then stir it up and add sugar. It would go all mushy like porridge but not like porridge at all because porridge is DELICIOUS and this was not. But I think hot weet-bix is more of a thing than hot any-other-kind of cereal.

  • This is not uncommon at all, I quite often do this for weetbix and porridge, so do many other people i know.

  • Yeah we have an early start at work and a good portion of people have their breakfast that way before we clock on.
    Cool story though I guess?

  • I have my hot coffee [with hot milk/no water] with my rice bubbles. And occasionally hot milk with corn flakes with a spoon of milo.

  • The entire comments here astound me. I’ve never heard of nor seen of anyone ever heating their cereal or the milk for it. And yet all the comments are like, I do this all the time no biggy.

    Is the cold environments frying your brains to nuke your milk down south? Up here in the far north the very concept of warm milk for breakfast is crazy.

    Just in case, while I think you’re crazy this is utterly fascinating to me.

    • Speak for yourself, I’m in the territory with 30+ degree heat and I do it all the time.
      I see others at work do it too – it really isn’t uncommon at all, especially for oats eaters.

      • Territory here as well, except unlike Darwin its 40+ here More often than not 😛

  • Hot milk on Weetabix (the UK equivalent of Weetbix) was very common when I was growing up in London. Particularly in winter.

  • Actually i prefer the opposite – Icecream with Cereal.

    Bowl of Cornflakes, Cold milk from the Fridge, and a big scoop of Vanilla Icecream!

    Lightly run your spoon down the side of the icecream to get a little bit on the spoon, and then proceed to scoop up the cereal and milk.

    The icecream keeps the milk nice and cold, and adds little explosions of cold creamy sweetness with each mouthful.

    Once I was officially an Adult, this was the first major adjustment I made to my life…

  • I heat my cereal in the mornign as the milk is too cold on my teeth.

    Just enough to take the chill off.

  • Two reasons: one to have hot Weet-bix (or Weetabix), which is porridge without the faff, or Ready Brek (sadly unavailable in Australia…).

    Second – bowl of hot chocolate to go with my croissant if I’m having a French-style brekkie. 🙂

  • When you point out how weird something is only to find out you’re the weird one.

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