Dying Light 2 Announced

Dying Light 2 Announced

Parkour zombie game Dying Light is getting a sequel. We don’t know much about Dying Light 2 but based on the trailer it looks like a colourful return to another violent undead world. And you thought the sustained flood of zombie games had ebbed.

Chris Avellone, one of the narrative masterminds Planescape: Torment and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 came out on stage at the event to try and give some more context to the world the game will take place in.

In particular, the player will be completing missions in a city being torn apart by swarms of undead in order to help make life better for the unfortunate living residents by improving things like running water.

2015’s Dying Light tried to do something different with zombies by giving the usual whole kill decomposing corpses as they fling themselves at you thing a twist: kill decomposing corpses as they fling themselves at you by taking to the rooftops and doing cool stunts.

The new game looks like it will go a little deeper into the management elements of the game and how they tie into story building in the world more generally. No release date has been announced yet.


  • Dying light was a surprise hit for me. I bought it on sale expecting not much and it was great. Though the DLC which was set in basically a big flat area was quite a let down.

    • I thought so too at first, but ultimately came to love it for the variety it offered . Plenty of city parkour to enjoy in the base game, the DLC was all about getting around in the buggie, investigating small outposts, foraging thru abandoned cars for parts and exploring the mountains and vallies. I did find the upgrades for said buggie took a little to long to acquire however. Once it’s decked out that thing is fucking ace fun. It had to have been one of my favourite Co op games I’ve ever played easily.
      But those single player boss instances were really a shame, I hope they find a better solution for the sequel.

  • dying light is the game that got me excited about gaming again so its great to hear about a sequel.

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