The Internet Reacts To Bethesda's E3 Conference

Bethesda's E3 conference is done and dusted!

While I caught the Xbox conference live in the theatre, I watched along on the Bethesda livestream with most of you (from the comfort of my hotel bed) and while I definitely have some thoughts and opinions of your own - here's what Twitter had to say.

A LOT of thoughts about Fallout 76 and the mysteries revealed...

Thoughts about Skyrim on Alexa...

Thoughts about Nazis...

Thoughts about Elder Scrolls: Blades

Thoughts about Elder Scrolls in general, really... ESPECIALLY WITH VI FINALLY ANNOUNCED

And of course, that opening act...

As well as the long wait ahead...

As for Starfield, there's not really a whole lot to go on, so the hype isn't quite there yet.


    Couldn't find any tweets about how they've stripped what makes a Fallout game a Fallout game and turned it into a trendy online hot-mess?

      Nah, there's absolutely none of those anywhere to be found...

      This article should be 'The happy portion of the internet reacts to the Bethesda Conference, we ignored everyone who's sitting there going 'wtf did I just watch?' '

        Basically all of my mates who were big fans of 3 and 4 are hyped for this, so we can all run around and get up to shenanigans together in power suits. What sort of miserable hate filled bastard wouldn't like that?

          Yes the coop portion sounds fun and all, BUT no mods. The only mods you can play are going to be PAID FOR content, say goodbye to Nexus Mods, even the free mod portion of is RIP..

          IMO that is a disastrous move. Hopefully dedicated server files are hacked and figured out in short time to give the community more control over how they play their games.

          I should also point out that the amount of 12yo and trolls ruining your experience is going to be VERY high! this game is going to be memory glitched and hacked to death!

          Looks like you won't have an ability to kick or ban trolls etc from your game since its a persistent thing all done in the background... disastrous!

          Last edited 11/06/18 7:12 pm

            The unofficial mod that fixes Fallout will be an Official "Creation Club mini Dlc" Look forward to that!.

          It's not that people don't like it, the people going wtf over Fallout 76 still don't have any of the answers needed to decide whether the game's for them. What's the story about? Is there a story at all? Is pvp forced upon you? Can you play on a private server? Can you play offline? (No, but people are still asking it). Can I build something in one corner of the map and someone could nuke it from the opposite corner without warning? Is there VATS in the game? Are there any NPCs in the game acting as quest givers?

          There's a lot of questions people want answering before they determine whether it's a Fallout game with multiplayer or a multiplayer game with Fallout paint on the top of it.

            I m guessing this fallout is for all the other people who are not mega diehard fallout fans.
            Its interesting to see fallout with an online spin to it. Sure its not a giant crazy solo story, but the last few fallout games have been almost entirely dfferent games from each other, just set in the fallout world.

            I for one, am interested!

            Bit i sure would have loved another installment in the genuine vault dwelling, story telling falloutverse

          The fact that you'd have to play against miserable hate filled bastards makes me one.

          Ok, I played Fallout 1 when i was 9yrs old, Fallout 1 is 21 years old, Bethesda celebrates Fallout's 21 years of singleplayer Rpging by removing the single player? Is it there? The Vault tect cartoon said "There's no i in wasteland", Again is Fallout a rpg for those who either don't or can't play online? I have autism & anxiety so i can't play online, Your allowed to be excited but because i'm devastated doesn't mean i'm a hate filled bastard.

      I'll be honest with you, I'm... a lot more excited for Fallout 76 than I was when the rumours were "What if Rust but Fallout"?

      It looks... interesting? Fun? Yeah, I'm up for it.

    I think everyone's just hanging for more info on Fallout 76 now. The Fallout 4 conference had so much more info in it and it seemed like Todd was so passionate about that. With Fallout 76, I wouldn't be surprised if he's taken a back step with this game and it's with one of the new studios under BGS, just giving the final approval on stuff while he works fully on Starfield and ES6

    He said he knew there'd be 1000 questions, but he didn't answer much that actually gave any info. Disappointing conference really and it felt like the Starfield & ES6 reveals were put in to keep people from fully raging that they're ditching single player games.

      Im cautiously optimisitc about fallout 76 which is saying something considiering how much i talk shit about BGS, but the biggiest issues ive seen on reddit and in comment sections on various sites (RPS, PCGamer, etc) has boiled down to 1 thing:

      Can we play the game as a pure single player game without having to deal with YoloSwaggins420 ganking us. Most people seem to think that you will have no way to opt out of PVP due to Todd saying "the game is 100% online and will use Dedicated Servers and "there will be no server selection"

      I myself will not be purchasing the game if im forced to deal with pvp, however i dont think bethesda is that moronic to do that considering that all people ever want when its come to MP in a fallout or tes game is Co-Op and then we have that fact most of the videos shown were 4 survivors going around fighting together in pve activities

        It will be PvP and you will need to deal with not being able to kick/ban cheaters/trolls/12yo saturating your gameplay experience and ruining it for you... have fun. And no free mods!

        Last edited 11/06/18 7:13 pm

        I'm in the same boat as you, Todd didn't answer anything regarding the is it single player, What makes it single player & how single player works", I won't buy this out of optimism, I hope that we're still the target audience.

      Fallout 76 is being made by Battlecry Studios I believe (of the cancelled Battlecry fame). I can't remember if that was officially confirmed, but it was rumoured last week, and it does make sense for them to be working on it.

    Well done to Jason, proving once again that he should be listened to

      Right, He warned us as best as he could, He took more time to alleviate fears of change than Bethesda who were actually planning on just springing this on us.

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