Rewatch EA's Pre-E3 2018 Conference Here

Once again, EA has the honour of kicking off the annual E3 shenanigans with their E3 conference that's not part of E3 at all.

The conference goes live at 0400 AEST / 0330 ACST / 0200 AWST / 0600 NZST on Sunday, June 10, although the YouTube stream below will begin the pre-show/countdown an hour beforehand. Typically there's some interviews and chatter before the show starts, although I'm personally holding out for a repeat of Snoop Dogg blazing it to Battlefield 5.

If you'd prefer a Twitch embed, that's here too:

And if Mixer is more your style, EA are broadcasting through that as well.

We know Anthem, Battlefield 5, FIFA and Madden will be some of the biggest drawcards. But EA tend to show one or two interesting indies every year, and EA Vancouver has been working on a Star Wars game of their own. Respawn's got something cooking as well, although whether now is the time to show it off is another matter.

If you want to join the liveblog as well, and chat about proceedings as they unfold, here's the link:

E3 2018: The EA Conference Liveblog

EA kicks off the annual roadshow for another year. I'll be covering the proceedings live, so join me and let's have some fun.

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What are you expecting to see from EA's conference this year? And for good measure, what celebrity do you think will make the biggest arse of themselves?


    I am going to watch this live, against my better judgement, just so I can see if I can get that Anthem juice out of my system now, or if it's going to keep simmering away for a little longer. There's nothing else in EA's show (at least at the moment) that I would be interested in.

    Isn't it a bit early to be posting this?

      You don't want to watch an EA logo for three days?

        I would if they decided to close down and the internet was full of articles about it.

      Maybe Kotaku purchased the Deluxe Ultra EA E3 PackageTM that lets them watch E3 a week early.

        We always put up the posts a little early; gives people time to have a chat about things, digest leaks as they come in. Also, it makes life on our end a bit easier as the post is there ready to go with all the embeds when it hits bullshit-o-clock and then we can just bump it and everyone's conversations + predictions + banter is left intact once the presentation starts.

        (Same applies for Sony + Bethesda later in the day; they're at better times, but the flood of stuff that comes in after it's announced means every minute saved counts. I'm working the public holiday solo, as well, so things like this just make the day a lot more workable and means everyone just gets content ASAP.)

    What are you expecting to see from EA's conference this year?

    Absolutely nothing I would spend money on and nothing I would play even if free

      I'm keen for Anthem, from what we've seen I'd totally play that one if it were free. Not sure I'd be willing to pay for it yet though, will need to find out some more...

    I hope there's a decent showing of Anthem and they don't just shove it off onto Microsoft or Sony's conference.

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