Rewatch The Square Enix E3 2018 Conference Here

Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the Final Fantasy VII remake. Now, Square, it's time to show some gameplay.

Square kicks off the biggest day of E3 shenanigans tomorrow, holding a conference for the first time in years. It's the first of four conferences, so if you need all the times, here you go:

All The Australian Times For E3 2018

The annual ritual is almost upon us. waking up at ungodly hours, rugging up in a blanket and slamming several coffees until the hype kicks in. Welcome to E3 2018.

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Square's conference proper starts at 0300 AEST / 0230 ACST / 0100 AWST / 0500 NZST, although we don't know what the run time on a pre-show might be (if there'll be one at all).

As for where to watch, we have the Twitch embed below:

And YouTube:

If you prefer streaming through Facebook, that's here. A Mixer stream can be found here (I'd embed, but it doesn't let you disable autoplay).

Now with that out of the way, here's what we're expecting:

  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Announced earlier in the year, Square's continued to double down on the Lara franchise. We should get the biggest peek at gameplay tomorrow morning, perhaps more discussion about the story and advanced mechanics too.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake: A no-brainer. It's time to show some footage, Square.
  • Just Cause 4: The reveal earlier this morning was largely cinematic, so it'll be good to see some live gameplay and whether the physics engine has been beefed up.
  • Kingdom Hearts III: The Frozen level was shown during the Xbox conference, but we should see something fresh during Square's conference. The hype engine on this could be ramped up a little, I think.
  • Life is Strange 2: Dontnod hasn't shown off anything from Max's next adventure, and now would be a good time to at least talk about what's happening there.
  • Battalion 1944: The WW2 FPS isn't due out until next year, but it's a good game to mix up all the RPG titles on offer.
  • People Can Fly: Square's publishing their next AAA - supposedly a AAA game, anyway - shooter. The mechanics in Bulletstorm were great, as was Painkiller.

Square isn't publishing Hitman anymore - Warner Bros is - and there's also a range of older titles Square can re-publish on the Switch. The World Ends With You has been announced, but it'd be bizarre if they didn't port a bunch of others, like Final Fantasy Tactics, the classic FF games, and so on.

What are you expecting to see from Square tomorrow morning?


    I'd be happy to see some back title stuff being brought to Switch. Pretty well turned into my main game machine these days, just convenient to have at work, or even veg on the couch next to the missus while she watches some godawful shows I pretend to vaguely watch as well.

    To be honest I would not get my hopes up for FFVII it's kinda dead in the water at the moment, kinda not feeling the hype for it never really liked vii, more of a fan for crisis core and dirge of Cerberus...yes i liked it but aaaaand the fact that they said all compilation of VII story post FFVII base game won't be considered as canon ( yaaaay destroying one of the best characters back story ) hey I could be wrong and it could get a mention.

    Sorry for the rant.

      > "more of a fan for crisis core and dirge of Cerberus"


      Curious though, did it take a while before you jumped into 7? I played it after playing almost every other FF and found it sort of really didn't have it's own thing that made it 'great', but it was good. (Not good enough to warrant the praise it has, to be supposedly the best FF and the greatest thing Square's ever done.)

    Aren't they making ten years of FFXV DLC nonsense now or something? Guessing we'll see some more of that, maybe a cooking VR game to go along with the bizarre fishing one too.

    Really hoping we see some more of Kingsom Hearts 3... I'm not exactly disappointed by Frozen (it's hardly a shock announcement) but I am a little worried that so far the only 'classic' Disney world we've seen is Hercules (I know Simba was in the trailer but he seems to just be a summon). We also haven't yet seen any live action Disney worlds, any traces of Marvel/Star Wars or even Final Fantasy.
    The Gameplay looks fun but I just hope it isn't entirely Pixar and recent CGI Disney animation. As much as I love that stuff, the thing I loved most about KH2 was how it meshed together such a crazy variety of Disney worlds.

      I heard that Kingdom Hearts III is actually an FFXV DLC expansion where Noctis and co. go on a bad trip after smoking too many Gysahl Greens.

    I imagine there will probably be reminders of them having just released Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth on mobile devices and the upcoming Western release of Star Ocean: Anamanamanamananesis. Now that Squeenix has said they're focusing on Switch I imagine well get some Octopath pre-release hype and announcements of a few upcoming titles. It wouldn't surprise me if their GO titles were being ported either now they've stopped making them for the mobile market.

    Really though I'm keen for the Ehrgeiz reboot announcement. It seems to be the year of the fighter.

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