Rewatch Ubisoft's E3 2018 Conference Here

Image: E3 Expo 2017

Starting at a much more reasonable hour for the third day of E3 conferences is Ubisoft. There's some Division, possibly Tom Clancy, maybe a Splinter Cell, and surely something to do with the Switch. Let's watch.

Ubisoft kicks off at 0600 AEST / 0530 ACST / 0400 AWST / 0800 NZST. It ran a little overtime last year and clashed with the PC conference, although it was also a year with Mario Rabbids, Skull & Bones, a reveal for Starlink, and a bit of Beyond Good & Evil 2.

I'm still not expecting Starlink and BGE2 to be close to release, but it'll be nice to hear more. It's also been announced that Ubisoft was working on an Avatar game, which sounded like the kind of live service game that's right up Ubisoft's alley.

Below you can find a Twitch embed for the stream.

And Mixer, if that works better:

A YouTube link isn't working yet, but I'll update this post when it is. YouTube has been the most reliable over the last couple of days, but if your connection can take 4K nicely then you might want to opt for that instead.

What are you expecting from Ubisoft tomorrow?


    I imagine Division 2 will basically consist of them endlessly repeating "yes we've learnt from our mistakes" and "there will be no loot boxes"

    bonus if announce that they have kept everything from D1

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