E3 2018: Rewatch The PC Gaming Show Here

Image: Kotaku

Sean "Day9" Plott and co. are returning for another year. Let's tune in.

The PC Gaming Showcase is scheduled to kick off at 0800 AEST / 0730 ACST / 0600 AWST / 1000 NZST. That should give everyone an hour or so before Sony begins (at 1100 AEST), given how long the PC conferences have run for in years past.

Some big developers are set to show up to the PC conference: Star Citizen developers Cloud Imperium Games will be there, after skipping last year, Frontier and Stardock will attend, Klei Entertainment have stuff to show off, as does Double Fine, Crytek, Warframe makers Digital Extremes, SEGA and Raw Fury.

You can watch the stream through YouTube below.

There's also a Twitch stream, if you'd prefer.

Given that Frontier's there, we should see more chatter about Jurassic World: Evolution - which is out this week! Gameplay from Coffee Stain's Satisfactory will be debuted as well, which should be fun given that game has ... quite the look.

SkyDance Media are listed as showing up as well, which I find interesting: they're a production company more known for making films like Star Trek Beyond, Terminator Genisys and Jack Reacher. But they've also been working on a VR game (after buying out Workshop Entertainment in 2016) for The Walking Dead, which is what I bet we'll see.

What would you like to see tomorrow?


    I want to see more of the new Camp Santo game, In the Valley of Gods. But I don't know if they are even doing E3.

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