EA Brings Back Command & Conquer … As A Mobile Game


A legendary real-time strategy game series is returning, in a format you probably weren’t expecting.

Shown today during the E3-adjacent EA Play press conference, Command & Conquer: Rivals is a “quick, competitive” strategy game for mobile devices that boasts “quick, competitive” matches. It looks a lot like Clash Royale, but in the C&C universe, complete with GDI and the Brotherhood of Nod.

Two esportsers, Geoff “InControl” Robinson and NickAtNyte took the stage to show what some gameplay looked like, complete with shoutcasters. Afterwards, the team showed off a trailer with plenty of units running at each other and, surprise, it’s Kane.

This is the first Command & Conquer game since 2012's Tiberium Alliances, a free-to-play online-only browser game. There was a Generals 2 in development at one point, as a free-to-play PC game, but it was cancelled after feedback from its alpha trial.

Android users can pre-register to play an early access version of Rivals on the Google Play Store right now. Meanwhile, I’m going to go find that monkey’s paw I wished on.


  • LOL…. i’m not surprised.

    The video is on 5k dislikes to 300likes so far. Probably doing damage control on the video itself. I’d give it a run for its money on most downvoted videos on Youtube so far if they didn’t unlist it to stem the tide

    Honestly I tend to wonder who are the geniuses who actually greenlight such projects. Or are they just releasing an obligatory half assed work to keep the game from going public domain? I mean who exactly are these games aimed at? Casuals? They already have tons of games on the same genre on mobage with better and established systems (Like Clash of Clans, Mobile Strike or even Nintys Fire Emblem) which means they’ll look… see the shitty P2W and move back to their established games? Old fans? They would all just be insanely insulted by this as is obvious with the dislike ratio..

  • lmao dear god it’s cringey as hell watching the EA feed where they debuted this. Doing sports like calls on the two guys playing it “AND HE’S TAKING HIS TERRITORY AND HE’S…”

    Listening to the triumphant music…

    Listening to the audience sort of sitting there, dying inside…

    This should’ve been a free game released like Fallout Shelter to hold people over while the REAL game was released later.

    Way to fuck up again EA after the good will you got back by ditching Loot Boxes.

    I guess EA’s gonna EA…

    • I doubt there was any “good will” with EA’s announcement of dropping loot boxes..

      .. if anything just a cynical “Yeah right” would have been the more prevalent response whilst waiting for EA to sneakily bring it back in under a new market buzz word =P

      • They obviously saw skins draw more cash than lootboxes these days, especially when tied to events, as games like Fortnight and Overwatch have displayed. Goodwill was not implied on EA’s behalf, it was moreso the audience giving it to them in response to them ditching the pay2win element.

        • Oh… I actually did mean goodwill “from” gamers there towards EA. I don’t think that was possible until EA actually changes the way it operates =P

          Also since when does EA = goodwill? xD

    • I’d actually pay for a decent port of the earlier C&C games to mobile. None of this esports crap, doesn’t even need to be multiplayer. I’d just like to play the actual games as a time waster.

      Considering I played the original at 640×480 or thereabouts on a PC about as powerful as a rock, I’m sure a modern phone could handle the graphics and AI. Not sure that the more recent ones would work as well since the units might be too small to successfully manage.

      • I’ve always wondered why the first 3 C&C games + the first 3 Red Alert games have never been put on mobile devices? The rts format just screams touch controls doesn’t it?

        • Some of them yeah. I’m not sure about Total Annihilation since it had so many units on screen and they’d be small and finicky on mobile. But an RTS that doesn’t require micromanagement of hundreds of tiny units for sure.

        • At one point Red Alert was available for iPad. Then they stopped updating it and eventually de-listed it completely and it is now unavailable even to those who bought it. Just added fuel to the fires of my disdain for EA 🙁

  • why cant they just do a proper CnC game like we used to have, with awful plot but fun game-play. They have been disappointing since they got rid of buildings in CnC 4: Tiberium Twilight

    • This drives me nuts, nobody is doing full scale RTS games anymore.
      A new CnC offering was one of the last franchises I was hoping on to break the trend.

      So annoyed

      • You get a blend of RTS and RPG with Spellforce 3, released a few months back. Fantasy setting and it’s not heavy duty RTS but it’s there.

        • You can call me a moron for actually pre ordering command and conquer 4 for full price but what I got was worth more than the dumb game, got a signed portrait of Kane by Joe kucan

    • Companies are convinced the RTS genre in that form is dead, much like they were convinced that fighting games and survival horror were dead in the early 2000s for no good reason.

  • Oh great. Yet another F2P Microtransaction riddled mess from EA games. Clearly they have learnt nothing from Dungeon Keeper.

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