Bethesda Announces Elder Scrolls 6

During today's press conference, Bethesda briefly teased The Elder Scrolls VI.

It was just a brief teaser that showed a large landscape, and Todd Howard implied it will be coming after Starfield, which he announced seconds beforehand.


    Looking like possibly High Rock or Hammerfell maybe...

    I'd be pretty happy if it includes multiple provinces of Tamriel.

      Valenwood, elsweyr and black marsh would be prime

    Well there goes at least another year of my life....

    It looks beautiful, I just need them to announce that it is built on a new engine for me to get hyped.

      Bethesda kinda confuses people sometimes, they often refer to COMPLETELY NEW ENGINE as, a rebuilt piece of shit creation engine....

      BUT if the trailer landscape is from the engine then I can say for sure its a REAL new engine this time, but we don't know if that is just entirely CGI or not.

      The CE can't handle shit like that without LOD suicide and all sorts of nasty artifacting.

      Yep. It really needs a new engine. Has done for years and years.

    Although it's far away, I'm hoping it won't be an online mess. I have a feel Fallout76 is a test for things to come.

      They already have Elder Scrolls Online... So at most I can see co-op options, but I doubt anything more is going to happen in that regard.

    I would be super excited for this and throwing money at my screen, hoping that it somehow results in a pre-preorder... if it wasn't for a little voice in my head that keeps whispering "creation club"

    I do look forward to it, hopefully they've learned from Skyrim's flaws, will improve its strengths and make the best TES yet (probably not).

    But man, tell me I'm not alone: that music in the trailer kind of sucked? Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim had the same musical piece done in different styles (Morrowind's was peaceful, Oblivion's was adventurey, Skyrim's was DOVAHKIINy) but this one just sounds like butt.

      Thought it was my phone speakers the first time. Listened with decent headphones and yeah, it's not great

    Pity it'll be another region of humans. I'd like to see Black Marsh or Summerset Isle. I guess creativity takes a back seat to the smashy smashy.

    (Jeff Goldblum voice) "So you... ugh... plan to have some... ugh... video game in your video game announcement?"

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