Ever See A Guy Say Goodbye To A Shoe? Not If He Was Wearing These New Simpsons Sneakers

In the classic Simpsons episode "You Only Move Twice", after hurling his moccasins out the front door, Hank Scorpio asks Homer if he's ever seen a guy say goodbye to a shoe. The throwaway joke has sparked countless discussions online about why it's actually funny, but there's no debating that Scorpio would have never tossed his shoes in the first place if he were wearing these new Simpsons-themed ones from Ubiq.

There are five styles available: Two high-tops featuring Homer and Duff beer patterns; and three low-tops featuring Bart, Duff beer, and doughnut sprinkle patterns. We could do without the catch phrases such as "D'oh!" and "Eat my shorts!" printed around the soles, but they will probably get scuffed off in no time anyway, so it's far from a dealbreaker.

However, because Ubiq is a Japanese brand, you're probably going to have to jump through some hoops to grab a pair of these if you're based in Australia.

Prices range from ¥8000 ($99) for the high-tops, to ¥7000-¥7500 ($86-$92) for the low-tops, based on the current Yen to Australian dollar currency conversion. But you should budget in additional shipping and import fees for the privilege of owning a pair of these outside of Japan. And you better hope you order exactly the size you need, because exchanging them could be an even pricier pain in the... foot.



    Ah these are great. It makes me wish even more that Vans do another collab with Nintendo eventually.

    Ahhhh the writing on the side takes them from subtly awesome to novelty goof for me.

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