Everything Is Intergalactic (But Still Awesome) In LEGO Movie 2 Debut Trailer

Everything Is Intergalactic (But Still Awesome) In LEGO Movie 2 Debut Trailer

Taco Tuesday may have left Bricksville an apocalyptic wasteland, with cutesy hyper-intelligent aliens threatening to destroy anything left – but at least they have Frappuccinos! The first trailer for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is here, and it’s definitely awesome.

Emmet (Chris Pratt) and Lucy (Elizabeth Banks) put those Master Builder skills to work. Image: Warner Bros.

The LEGO Movie 2 takes place five years after the events of the first film. Bricksville has become a Mad Max: Fury Road-style wasteland, but Emmet (Chris Pratt) can’t help but smile.

Look, a shooting star! In pops an alien, who takes Lucy (Elizabeth Banks) and some of her friends to a far-off land, including a galaxy where everything is a musical. It’s up to Emmet and his slowly dying houseplant to save them.

Producers Dan Lin and Chris McKay previously said the film will explore gender differences in toys and toy marketing, with the little sister of original real-world protagonist Finn playing a bigger role.

The sequel also features the return of Na-Na-Na-Na Batman (Will Arnett), Unikitty (Alison Brie) and Metal Beard (Nick Offerman), with Tiffany Haddish, Stephanie Beatriz and Arturo Castro making their LEGO debuts as Queen Waterva Wa-Navi, Sweet Mayhem and Ice Cream Cone, respectively.

The LEGO Movie 2 comes out in the US 8 February 2019. An Australian release date has not yet been announced.


  • Hmm Australian distribution should be 9 to 12 months after everyone has already seen it.

    • Wellllllll, I used to agree with you, but now that I have both a son (10) and a daughter (8) I can kind of see their reasoning for that particular product line. We’re incredibly gender neutral in our house, let both kids play with whatever the heck they want, choose their own toys for presents etc and I’m still constantly surprised by what they trend towards. My daughter has access to all of the “boys” lego (boxes full of it), but still favours and asks for more of the “female” Lego Friends line since she really likes those mini-figs and the cuter horses / playsets more. So personally I don’t really feel Lego arsed it up, they do a pretty good job of making a wide range of toys these days that appeal to everyone, and the day she asks me for more space / gun / lego bionic / technic toys I’ll happily oblige her and buy it for her.

      • Well that’s honestly fair enough. (It’s quite popular apparently)
        I was leaning more toward just how they separated the lines due to marketing heavily toward boys for nearly its entire history.
        (And they have greatly diversified the standard Lego in recent years)
        I know in my experience that simply having some more female parts would’ve made Lego much more accessible for my sister or nieces growing up.

        On a funny note I’ve just introduced one of my neices to Lego, and while she does gravitate toward the traditional dynamic of girl play, she mixes it up in halarious ways. She made Chewbacca a hairdresser who needs an armed speeder to also chase bad guys, who she then makes work in her shop as punishment.

      • If your daughter likes Lego Friends try out the mobile game “Heartlake Rush”. I’m totally not one of the devs self promoting or anything 😉

  • Oh the girl gets captured and Emmett has to save her? How long before there’s a SJW jumping on this as well?

  • Wait, so they take a swing at the whole “man takes credit for woman’s efforts and she’s not acknowledged” but then go down the route of “woman is a damsel and needs to be saved by a man”?

    Like, burning your candles in the middle, biting the hand that hits you, only having your own back washed, why even?

    • Pretty sure they’ll play on this trope and have it reversed by the end of the movie

      • Which will be them having their cake and having their cake and having their cake.

  • I got to see Lego Batman in the US when it came out. It took almost 2 more months before it got onto cinemas in Australia. Then they cried about losing money to piracy.

  • The LEGO Movie 2 comes out in the US 8 February 2019. An Australian release date has not yet been announced.

    Most likely they want an Easter release to align with the school holidays but don’t want to face the justified backlash.

  • Producers Dan Lin and Chris McKay previously said the film will explore gender differences in toys and toy marketing, with the little sister of original real-world protagonist Finn playing a bigger role.Annnnd I’m out. Enjoy your LEGO Feminist movie. It already looks and sounds like it’s going down the route of the every joke is about how useless and lame males are. Over it, going to exercise my right to not see the film… Especially since a webrip will be online before it even hits cinemas here anyway.

    • Did you know that roughly half of the world’s population is somewhat different to the other half?

    • How sad must your life be that a kids movie triggers you this much?

      Oh you poor thing, Im sure they will be devestated you arent seeing it. diddums

      • Considering that more and more, kids are being raised by the messages in films like this… Yeah I’ll admit to being somewhat triggered.

        Instead of teaching kids that it doesn’t matter who did what, as long as someone steps up for what is right; we’re instead teach kids 2 things: Men are either useless, or “Men are the most evil thing EVAR!”. This is becoming a more common theme in movies and it’s creating a social divide worse than anything we’ve had in decades.

        • If you take the message from this film as being “ALL MEN ARE EVIL” thats your own latent bias leaking in to your opinions.

          Tell me then, What message is acceptable to you that empowers young girls? Or do they always have to be the damsels in distress?

    • Oh you poor baby. Your life has been an eternal struggle I’m sure. I’ll give you a tip – you’re the snowflake.

      • I’m no Snowflake, I’ve got a thicker skin that 90% of the Kotaku commentary section due to the fact that I have to constantly see stupid “woke” people like yourself attempt to put me down in order to make yourselves morally superior when contributing nothing more than childish insults.

        • You’re the one having a cry about it being “feminist” and being about useless/lame/evil men. If you had a thick skin you simply wouldn’t have reacted they way you did. This is normalising things to the way they should have been in the first place. The bad guy in the first movie was a middle-aged white Dad with OCD issues that didn’t spend enough time having fun with his kid.

          You can’t seem to accept that the traditional stereotypical approaches to story and film-making are being moved away from and that has somehow hurt your feelings, and I quote “Annnnd I’m out”.

    • You do realise that LEGO have always been progressive, especially when it comes to gendered toys?

        • I’m well aware of the Friends line since I made the mobile game for that 😉
          Doesn’t stop them from being progressive. Noticed how the girls are all pro-active and have interest that are sometimes viewed as “Boys” activities?

      • Indeed I do. Which is why such a message should not be needed in a film like this. LEGO has always been the ultimate neutral gendered toy. I think the message was lost when LEGO moved from generic city and other themes to more of a branded and licensed toy line.

        LEGO is only limited by imagination, and last I checked, imagination has no gender.

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