Fallout 76 Supports 24 Players In Each Game

When Bethesda confirmed that Fallout 76 would be a multiplayer game, Todd Howard didn't specify how large the multiplayer component would be. But in the recent documentary with NoClip, Bethesda revealed how many players will be able to play at once.

In the almost-40 minute documentary, embedded below, one of the Bethesda developers confirmed that each game instance will support 24 players per each server. "You're going to open up the paper map, and you're going to see where the other people are," Jeff Gardiner, a project lead at Bethesda Game Studios, said.

"Do you want to go help them ... do you want to try to shoot them, however our PvP system ends up working out ... all the servers are a 24 person instance, you load in, it'll be full of people," Gardiner added.

He added that there would be a trading system, and that the team limit right now was four players, although everything was adjustable internally. Fallout 76 is designed to be a live game, with the nuclear bunkers functioning as a cyclical end-game content of sorts for players.

Fallout 76's Approach To Nukes Seems Like A Shift For The Series

Fallout 76 will have nukes. Provided players find the keys, they will be able to fire these nukes off whenever they please. This gameplay feature, announced at yesterday's Bethesda press conference, is presumably meant to encourage player-created drama in the upcoming online survival game.

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"Do [the players] create an online cold war? Do they all just decide to blow up everything? The nuke part is the one I'm probably the most interested in seeing what they do; we're trying to make it fun, it's fun to just launch [nukes] ... if you can sort of incentivise [players] ... and make that part of the world a high-level zone, I like that part of the design a lot," Todd Howard said.

The Fallout Shelter team in Montreal, who are working on Elder Scrolls: Blades, are also supporting the development of Fallout 76.


    So it's the kind of game where you could potentially be ganked over and over by random assholes... and Bethesda is going to help said assholes by showing them where you are at any given time? Why? Who does that benefit other than people (or groups of people) who just want to target a specific person and make their life miserable?

      Yeah it's sounding like a terrible game . I have no interest in my crap been destroyed all the time or little shits running around ganking everyone.

      A few relevant quotes from a Gamespot interview video with Pete Hines.

      [We allow] for that sort of tension but with systems in place that keep it from being abusive. So you can't be harassed by somebody who just keeps chasing you around the world and keeps killing you over and over again; the game literally doesn't allow that to happen to you.

      Think of PvP more like issuing a challenge to somebody as opposed to just, 'no matter what I want to do to somebody, I can. The game only lets that go so far before you can basically say, 'I don't want to participate in this challenge anymore.'

      They can't keep coming after you, just like that Deathclaw wouldn't come running across the map and keep chasing you.

        Some of that sounds a bit at odds with the other stuff they're saying about deciding if you want to help or hinder someone.

        It's also a bit strange that they would say they won't let people chase you across the map, but then give them the tools to do pretty much that. The only thing that comes to mind is letting you prompt the game to connect you to a new instance when/if you want to get away from someone (I think GTA Online does something similar if I remember correctly?), but I think that's frankly a bit of a shit solution if that's what they're going for.

          They don't seem to be saying you can't chase someone, they seem to be saying you can't chase and repeatedly kill someone. It sounds like there's some kind of opt-out to PVP, perhaps that kicks in after the first death, perhaps that's always there? More info would be nice, as always, but it certainly sounds more moderated than the free for all in other multiplayer survival games.

            You're right, of course - more information would be nice since I can only speculate right now.

            What little we do know has left me expecting something like GTA Online's free roam, which admittedly isn't a *terrible* system but I hated everyone appearing on the map in that and I will hate it even more in a Fallout game. It very much inhibits the play style I adopt in almost everything that will allow it (stealth, basically).

              I'm betting there's probably some sort of cooldown timer on being able to be killed by the same person or something. I've seen some other games try this in the past, but it's kind of easy to exploit if that's the case?

                I'm speculating that maybe they just shift you and everything you own to another instance.

          Perhaps they have a mechanic where once you die, you spawn on a different server/shard?

          It won't stop the dipsticks from killing you - but when you respawn you'll be somewhere else

      I agree and have no interest with the online because of this, apart from maybe grabbing a mate and doing some story mission stuffing around together etc.

      My question is, can i not be online and play it like a normal fallout game? they said you can play it solo but am i forced into a 24 person server?

        It's online only, you have to connect to a server to play. How servers work, or what types they'll have, isn't known yet.

        I imagine you can choose private or public play.

          Let's hope so. Then I can play it like a new fallout game without all the lame stuff

            but it's not even designed to be a traditional fallout game, so if that is your desire, this game is likely not for you.

              yeah see they said it was, normal campaign etc. I guess i dont know enough yet

          They mentioned eventually bringing in private worlds at some point in the future but there is no way to avoid seeing other people in your game until then.

          Not to mention there are no NPC's in the game so it's going to be pretty damn lonely in there

          Last edited 14/06/18 6:37 am

      Im pretty sure that anyone constantly ganking someone will get bounced to another server instance to prevent asshole behaviour.

    Is there NPC enemies of any kind? I remember them saying that everyone else you see is real, but 24 people in a map 4x the size of Fallout 4 would fucking suck. I want to kill raiders and mutants etc, not just random critters.

      Raiders are supposedly all human players. PvE enemies will consist of feral ghouls, wasteland animals, robots and so on.

      Yeah they showed mutants and stuff, but I think they meant no NPC people?

      There can't be any raiders, because all the raiders come from vaults and this is the first vault to open. They mentioned in the game that there will be a ghoul faction so there will be dudes with guns you can have firefights with

        I'm fairly certain that raiders were just bands of people that got together to loot, murder and the like. They came from all over the place.

    To be honest I'm pretty excited to play this with my work mates, should be fun.

    Will be interesting to seem further details. His comment “however our PVP ends up working out” is a bit vague, like they’re still working it out themselves ... seems to me like something they need to focus on!

    I guess past games have handled it on various ways, right now Conan Exiles has dedicated PVP, PVE and “PVE conflict” (a sort of halfway house where PvP is permitted at certain time slots), so players know what is in stall for them right when they join a server. CE also allows solo, offline play (or co-op), which if permitted in FO76 would be enough for me to buy it.

    Last edited 13/06/18 4:11 pm

    all the servers are a 24 person instance, you load in, it'll be full of people

    This is what I was afraid of. They said during the conference that "you can play it all solo", but you'll have to be "alone" in an instance with 23 other people who are free to screw with your experience.

    I really am interested in this and I want to give this a crack being a Fallout junkie. However, I'm sensing this is going to become like RUST, where the *idea* of the game is separate to what will eventually happen. Rust started off with the idea of being a 'survival game' and quickly just became a pvp-COD-Lite game. Now, I'm ultimately ok with that, as Rust is still fun if you can find a server that isn't toxic as hell (good luck with that...) and has a decent community (yep... REAL good luck with that these days...) but I really, truly can see that happening with this too.

    But 24 players? Jesus christ I thought we moved past that with the old ps3/360 days honestly.

      I know, that is far too many. Chances of having 24 players without a couple of dickheads in there is very remote

        I'd be interested if finding out like with say, Rust or Ark, that number can be modified. If people want more, for a purely PVP experience they could up it to say, 50-60, or they want the survival experience, lower it to say 6 - 8 maybe? I know you can do private servers and now they've said we might be able to do mods? I really hope we can.

          I think I read that the devs said it was an variable figure for them at the moment so hopefully that would be a trivial setting to provide for private servers

    RIP V.A.T.S

      VATS is in the game though...

    I'm not a multiplayer person and the cynical part of me wants to call this fallnite or fallout grounds.

      Dude! You need to copyright that, right now. Do it, right now. Do it now (or I will!)

      Fallout Royale would work as well...

    24 players for the entire map, ok not too bad but that better not be 24 players within your vicinity, that be too annoying.

    I think Bethesda is going to need to add some human npcs in the game giving out quests and making a bit of story cinematic thing happen like in FO4.

    That be cool as a 3rd party watching someone else talk to a NPC and getting the quest voice and all. BUT I don't think they want to do this, so maybe modders will be allowed too.

    I imagine with the great wailing mass of the internet banging their heads on the wall and screaming about dickheads they are going to do something. Even the divisions dark zone was a shitty mess. I hope pvp is super restricted unless you opt in.
    Even in GTA online if you go passive (cannot shoot or be shot) jerks still blow up your car, trap you in buildings and generally fuck your game.
    I want this game.
    I want this game to be good.

    With private worlds and modding added later on there is potential for people adding in a traditional single player experience with NPC's.. But yeah I wouldn't expect something of that scale before 2021

    Will be interesting to see how this is implemented, I too don't really want to play with 24 random people in my instance. If it's always online and i always have randoms I'd prefer a larger mmo type situation. Maybe they'll go like dead island where you can choose not to have other people in your instance?

    Private server with my friends sounds good....public server with 24 randoms not so good.

      Depends on your point of view. If you're happy in a survival game that encourages PvP, 24 ever changing randoms may be gold to you.

      Not me, I don't want the hassle of others being dicks so would prefer private servers by far, but there are plenty out there that will thrive with this model.

      Private servers have different issues as well. If you somehow have 23 others happy to play together (hey, it might happen...), what do you do as they inevitably move away from the game and on to something else? Getting 3 people together to game is hard enough, imagine trying to wrangle 24... Might get a solid week before some just find the game isn't for them. Or 5 hours before one of them decides to be a dick anyway, and nuke everyone.

        I posted my opinion, so yeah that's my point of view.

        Also why do private servers need to have 24 people? That's the point of a private server, can be as many or as little players as you want.

        I can get a group of 5-6 people playing a game every week pretty easily and getting 10 isn't much of a stretch if the game is good enough. I'm raid leader for my guild in WoW and they're a great bunch of people. We often play other games during slow periods while we're waiting on other stuff...just needs someone to organise the group which is where I come in as raid leader since I do it every week anyway.

    A couple of things to touch up from an interview.... Your settlement that you build disappears when you log off and reappears when you log in. And if what you build gets nuked it supposedly gets damaged but easily repaired.

      That could hint at your settlement being portable across servers, but I wonder how that works in terms of someone else building in the same spot while you're offline, or on a different server who then joins yours.

        I am guessing that the C.A.M.P device they showed off, stores your settlement so if/when it's destroyed you can drop it down again and it redeploys (perhaps for a resource cost) I'd be happy if they went that way but if they just let other players destroy your stuff and it's gone forever, there's really no point...

          I think in one of the interviews with Pete or Todd, they said if your base gets nuked stuff doesn't get destroyed, just damaged and you can repair it. I figure the same must be true for non-nuke damage as well.

            That sounds reasonable. Half of the battle in this game will be making sure greifers don't just run the server. I am keen to explore and craft with mates but not if it's going to just be a GTAV Lobby style shitshow

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