Fine Art: What Fallout Might Look Like Set In The Middle East

An essential part of Fallout's visual identity is that it's heavily based on Americana, but concept artist Fernanders Sam wanted to explore what other parts of Bethesda's nuke-blasted world would look like.

So he's done a number of images imagining what Islamic architecture might look like amongst the radioactive wastes. There are similar themes as you'd find in actual Fallout games - the re-purposing of familiar modern landmarks and objects into something more suitable for a fallen age - but of course everything looks a little different without bobbleheads and baseball bats everywhere.

You can see more of Sam's work at his ArtStation page.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.


    Considering the Fallout games talk about a war between China and the US...and one would assume the US got some of it's nukes off. It would be good to have a game based in a Chinese city....

    For me, the style of fallout was always that mash up on the American Midwest desert with fallen Art Deco architecture and dilapidation. the iconic image of a punk in a mad max leather jacket standing in the rubble of an art deco city while scavengers in rags eke out survival amongst retrofitted computers and power armour. So stripping that away and inserting a different style is... not quite fallout? I dunno. It's interesting sure but to me the heart of fallout is that specific mash up.

    ...I need this

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