Fortnite Player Destroys Tilted Towers In A Single Shot

Fortnite's notorious Tilted Towers - a high-risk, high-reward landing spot once described as "tryhard central" by erstwhile Kotaku editor/genius Patricia Hernandez - have been a target of players' grimmest imaginings ever since rumours that they'd be obliterated by a comet started swirling in March. But still they stand. So one player took matters into their own hands.

A Fortnite player named Vercyx used a clever building strategy to level pretty much all of Tilted Towers in a single shot.

Using a method originally employed by KING_JELLYB3AN, a player of Fortnite's non-Battle Royale mode Save The World, Vercyx knocked down the bases of each Tilted Towers building and connected them all with a single, brittle support pathway.

Then they fired one shot at their precarious construction and, poof, the whole thing went up in smoke.

Technically, they didn't do a perfect job, given that they forgot to hook the pawn shop into their infernal Rube Goldberg engine of ceaseless destruction. Still though, A minus for effort.

All of Tilted Destroyed... By 1 Shot from r/FortNiteBR


    "erstwhile Kotaku editor/genius Patricia Hernandez". People have been sued for greater lies. Recently.

      Sounds like someone isn’t listening and believing...

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