Fortnite Goes Live On Switch Today

Fortnite Goes Live On Switch Today

Fortnite is (finally) on the Nintendo Switch. Starting from 0300 AEST, you have a whole new way to get in trouble for playing it in class.

Fortnite for Switch was officially revealed today at Nintendo’s E3 Direct, though we’d previously heard rumours about it coming to the platform. It’s a free download on the eShop.


  • and yet here I am, unable to get over 10 FPS on low settings on my laptop 🙁

    • On the stream they said they were looking at utilising the hardware, but then went off on a tangent about how good touch screen controls would be…

      No mention of gyro, which is madness considering how well it went for doom. I hope they’re more aware than they let on, but i guess the inevitable twitter spam for gyro will hammer it home.

  • Unfortunately if you’ve got your Epic account linked to the PS4 you cannot use the same account on the Switch.

    This is apparently because Sony don’t want to do the crossplay thing with other consoles so Epic are being dicks about it.

  • No stat tracking is shit. What’s the point of logging in with my epic account of it doesn’t carry over all my wins

  • So when I get shot, I fall down even if I’m not dead? I can’t work out how to get up before I’m killed!

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