Games That We Feel Guilty For Not Liking

There are so many games and just never enough time. Sometimes I’ll put a game on ice so I can return to it later, especially if it doesn’t click for me at first. But a certain kind of guilt can bubble up inside me if the urge to pick a certain game back up doesn’t kick in.

Not liking a game can be a result of bad timing, a game not meeting my expectations, or worst of all, maybe it just isn’t for me! I don’t think these games are necessarily bad, but I also want to enjoy my time with a game instead of forcing myself through it. If there’s any silver lining, I keep the hope alive that maybe one day I’ll return to a game to fully appreciate it.

I sat down with Riley, our resident Witcher 3 lover, to risk ruining our professional relationship by telling him that the opening moments of The Witcher 3 just didn’t do it for me. It was also a low-key cry for help being convinced to revisit it one day.

Confession time, y’all. What games do you feel bad about not getting into? Let us know down below.


  • Xcom, as someone that normally plays ironman style modes in games, it frustrates me to no end that you can die in one turn from an enemy that had no tell. Feels like there is sometimes very little counter play and that sucks all the interest out of me.

    • As someone who loves the crap out of XCom, I get this. More than once I’ve cursed the game because I felt like there was no way to counter a situation. After you play for awhile, it gets easier to see that a slow and steady pace with decent placement can win out. But ultimately, XCom isn’t really about countering a situation – it’s about what you do when the shit hits the fan, because it will, because the enemy is stronger than you. I love it. 🙂

      • It also gets easier after a while due to the fact that the game has eroded your soul, and you’re now more willing to accept the harsh mistress of pure RNG who cares not for your mortal existence 😀

          • At least XCOM includes a behind-the ‘catch-up’ mechanic which makes it seem more fair by adjusting the odds invisibly in your favour when you’ve had too many failures.

            Mordheim goes hardcore ‘true’ RNG which 100% seems weighted poorly such that streaks aren’t broken up/mitigated. You can have an easy battle entirely stacked in your favour but fail every single roll you attempt to the point that you lose and everyone dies. But because it evens out over the next match, RNG is working as intended. (Believe it or not, it is possible to run up huge streaks of heads vs tails on a coin toss. RNG, working as intended.)

      • That’s partly why I hated XCOM 2 after loving the previous one. Time limits that forced me to rush rather than being able to work at a slow, steady pace with careful placement. And even when I could it would then throw in enemies that could magically teleport behind my guys, thus negating all of that careful placement.

        • I get this too! When I first started XCom 2 I felt the same way, and I thought about grabbing one of the ‘remove timer’ mods from the workshop. In the end, I pushed through, and decided that I appreciated the challenge. There is a balance of momentum in the pacing that you can achieve, even though it’s razor-thin and removes some of the tactical options you might have had otherwise. For a turn-based shooter, it’s pretty tense, adrenaline-pumping stuff. 🙂

          • The time limits I didn’t like but could live with. But the teleporting enemy was the last straw for me. Gave up then and deleted it 😛

          • Haha, fair enough. Never play War of the Chosen. They will randomly swoop in and abduct your guys, Roswell-styles.

          • Nah, f*ck that :P. I’m already disappointed in the game – the last thing I want to do is double down by buying the DLC, too 😛

      • Learning to accept that your guys are going to die – a lot – in the early game is important in both the original and reboot games. If it’s not cursing the bullshit frequency of misses in the new one, it’s cursing shots coming from an unseen enemy halfway across the map in the old one. Or getting shot instantly the moment you set foot out the Skyranger door 🙂

  • The God of War reboot. I know I should like it more, but it’s not compelling (for me). The combat is repetitive, and everyone goes on about the emotional depth of the story. Compared to what? Mario Kart? Witcher 3 and Last of Us show how that’s done.

    I will go back to it, I’m sure the fault lies with me somehow. I’ll play on easy and see if I can get into the story more, and then hopefully explore the gameplay too.

    • The combat in the new God of War almost stopped me playing it in the first few hours… It takes SO fucking long to get some actual variety of attacks, etc, to use.

  • I tend not to feel guilty for disliking certain games, but I’ve definitely gotten responses like “God, did you even play it?!” from zealots who feel the need to defend certain games to the death.

    Last of Us comes to mind immediately… The controls just never felt tight, and I personally don’t think there was much of an actual game to be found.

    Witcher 3 is sort of there for me as well… I loved the grand majority of my time with it. But eventually the quests all started feeling “Oh yet another just go deal with this mysterious disturbance” sort of deal dressed up as if it wasn’t exactly that, and it started to feel like a chore to bother so I straight up stopped.

  • Destiny 2. I played the beta, and then picked it up in the Humble Monthly. I want to like it – Borderlands meets Halo sounds like the jam in my sandwich. But something about the nonsensical story and canon throws me off. I mean, maybe it makes sense, but who could tell? So convoluted…

    • Don’t feel bad… Bungie themselves can’t even make their mind up about their own game works.

  • Mario Odyssey…

    It *freaking bores me* while I’m playing it. I’m just saying. We bought it, my kid loves it (that’s what really matters) but jesus, talk about a tedious slog for me.

  • I don’t know if “guilty” is the right word, but I’ve tried to get into Witcher 2 and 3, probably spent 3-4 hours of my life on them, but I just can’t be bothered playing on. To me, the characters seem bland and the world, while big and detailed, doesn’t seem that interesting to me. But everyone says it’s like the greatest game series ever.

    I also spent 2 hours playing Elder Scrolls 5 and was bored to tears. Just not my kind of games, I suppose.

    • The Witcher is one for me, where I attempted to play 1 and 2 and disliked them soo much I have never tried the 3rd, I cop a fair bit of flak for it.
      Elder scrolls 5 is one of my biggest disappointments, I was hyped about it and kept putting it off for when I had some time to really get into it and then I did….. for about 3 hours. I couldn’t take any more.

  • I don’t feel guilty about not liking popular games. Overwatch? PUBG? Fortnite BR? Street Fighter? Whatever. It’s not for me.

    It’s when you can tell that the developers have put their heart and soul in, blood, sweat and tears and it’s the type of game with the kind of mechanics that are normally right up your alley; it ticks every ‘on paper’ box you have, fulfils every wish you could’ve dreamed… except that little spark of chemistry.

    I feel guilty about not liking those more. Enough to spend more time on them, let alone finish. Like I just didn’t give them a chance past the tutorial sometimes.

  • Probably the biggest one for me is Massive Chalice.
    Was on paper the perfect game for me, backed fairly high, spent the time to craft my bloodline to be added to the game. We were expecting our first child at the time so the bloodline thing was extra relevant.
    I still have thoughts that I will get back into it and love it, but strategy games and new bub didn’t work out that well.
    It isn’t that there is anything wrong with the game, but the not having time to learn from mistakes is an issue. There seems to be a bit of a rogue-lite element to it and haven’t been in the mindset to deal with that.

  • Horizon zero dawn.
    It looks absolutely stunning, but six hours in I had to call it a day. I don’t care about the story or characters in the slightest.

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