Get Prey, Skyrim Or Doom On PC, Plus A Logitech G300S Mouse, All For $40

Picking up a Logitech G300S mouse for $36 (RRP $59.95) is already solid deal, but add a free copy of DOOM, Skyrim or Prey and it becomes amazing. Unfortunately, stock is very limited, so if you're keen, I wouldn't spend much time tossing it over.

The offers are available via EB Games' eBay store. The download links for the individual deals are below:

Delivery is an extra $4.95, however, it sounds like you can walk into your local store and get in on the deal, as long as stock is available.

If you do decide to get it delivered, you can shave a few dollars off the price using this eBay coupon:


At the time of writing, online stock levels were very low — we're talking 5-7 copies for each game. First come, first served!

Update: And they're sold out! Still, you might get lucky in-store and EB has refreshed its eBay stock before, so keep an eye out.

Logitech G300S [eBay, via OzBargain]


    All gone now... Damn and i needed a new gaming mouse.

    I recently bought a new Corsair K70 keyboard and the mistake of the cherry blue clickety clack keys.

      Blimey, didn't last long at all! I've updated the post.

      Sorry you missed out.

    Goddamit - that is an amazing deal. I already have those games and a better mouse though!

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