God Bless FIFA Bugs

God Bless FIFA Bugs

If you’re still coping with the misery of yet another “gallant” Socceroos defeat, then here’s the best possible thing to cheer you up: FIFA glitches.

Every FIFA game, for whatever reason, is beset with some of the most beautiful, glorious bugs in games. Great highlights in the past include Zlatan getting frisky with other players on the pitch, goalkeepers responding to penalties with a shaolin-style kick to the ribs, and shall we say, creative refereeing.

Has FIFA 18 fixed this bizarre trend?

Thank God no.

Goal line technology has come in handy this World Cup: maybe it’s something FIFA could look into for FIFA 19.

The goalkeepers could use some work on their passing. And using their hands.

I mean cmon EA. from r/FIFA

De Gea trying the saves with head trait. from r/FIFA

On the bright side, it’s good to know EA haven’t abandoned their low-key support of love on the pitch.

Or physics breaking celebrations.

Note: if you’re listening with audio, there’s some offcolour remarks in some of the videos below in a couple of moments. The editing and timing are still worth the watch, though.

The one downside is that while the Frostbite engine still has as many weird quirks as the FIFA games of old, we’re probably not going to see anything as glorious as this again.

God bless FIFA bugs.


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