God Of War's Art Is Truly Stunning

Sometimes, there's nothing greater in games than when a team of cracking artists get full licence to build something beautiful.

Over the past week or so, ArtStation has been releasing a huge range of illustrations, concept art, animations, environmental art, VFX and concept art from Sony Santa Monica's successful reboot of God of War. If you haven't finished the game — beware, spoilers abound!

That said, if you really haven't finished the game, this collection is a stunning reminder of what you're missing out on. The sheer amount of work below is just a small sample of what's been released.

You'll find even more work through each of the individual creator profiles, which are linked at the top. There's also lots more artists whose work isn't featured here, but if you go to the links above you'll find even more work to oggle over.

Seriously, go play this game.

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Aaron Contreras

Annis Naeem

Erik Jakobsen

Jose Cabrera

Raf Grassetti

Timo Pihlajamaki

Nate Stephens

Mark Castanon

Stephen Oakley

Yefim Kligerman

For more cracking art from the incredible folk at Sony Santa Monica, head to ArtStation.


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