Grab Kingdom Come: Deliverance For 25% Off

With some mods and quality of life patches, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has improved markedly since launch. It's also available for sale during E3 with the Treasures of the Past DLC for 25% off.

The deal makes brings the cost of the medieval open-world RPG, plus DLC, to $59.12. That's noticeably less than the ~$80 you'd pay if you were to grab the game through Steam or Green Man Gaming. (GOG is only charging $73.99, but that's still without the DLC, and pricer to boot.)

The discount is available through, and runs for another nine hours at the time of publication. If you've been sitting on the fence, partially because of the mixed reviews at launch or concerns over the odd saving system, now's a good time to jump in.

But, please, make sure you get that save mod.


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