Greedfall, A New RPG Where The 17th Century White Man Runs Into Some Problems

French studio Spiders, creators of bad-but-also-good RPGs such as The Technomancer, have a new game coming called Greedfall. It's an alternate universe take on what a 17th century European invasion of the New World would look like if the colonisers ran into magic and giant monsters.

It's aiming for a release on PC, Xbox One and PS4 in 2019.


    Looks like the colonisers have magic as well.

      Yeah, a shame. I would have loved to see them rock up and deal with things they would have no idea how to deal with. Would be a lit like Marvel's 1602 series where they landed on the Savage Land instead of America.

    Race-bait title unwarranted.

      How does this comment survive when all the other comments basically saying the same thing get deleted?

      What are the rules???

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