Qantas Are Doing Cheap Flights To The US And Japan

Every now and again cheap flights pop up to Japan, which is fantastic. But what if you want to fly somewhere else for cheap, like, the United States?

Qantas are running a decent sale right now to the United States that expires on June 20, with flights to New York, Dallas Fort Worth, LA and San Francisco.

LA and San Fran will set you back $998 for an economy return ticket, while you’ll have to fork out about $1200 for a return trip to JFK or Dallas Fort Worth. The available flight times are as follows: now – June 28, June 29 – July 12, July 22 – August 28, November 2 – November 30, Juy 13 – July 21, August 29 – September 20, October 3 – November 1, January 15 2019 – March 31 2019, December 1 – December 13, , April 1 2019 – April 4 2019, April 19 2019 – May 16 2019, 11 January 2019 – 14 January 2019, April 5 2019 – April 18 2019, and more.

There’s a flight to Japan as well, although only to Osaka’s Kansai airport for $858. It’s not the cheapest return flight Qantas have offered, but it’s better than paying over a grand and Qantas at least won’t ask you to fork out extra for baggage and inflight entertainment.

You can view the full list of dates here. There’s also a whole range of deals on domestic flights, in case you wanted a quick trip interstate. Just click the dropdown box after the link and filter by USA Sale, Australia Wide Sale, or any of the other options to check it out.

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