Here Is Pixar’s Dory Fighting Crime

Here Is Pixar’s Dory Fighting Crime

I had many possible topics in mind for this article: The slew of wonderful Metroid-like games I’ve been playing on the Switch. An analysis of a vexing Nioh boss. A meditation on the lack of playable denouements in video games. All will be covered in due time.


I am too short on time and also just eager to share something with you.

In the LEGO: Incredibles video game you can unlock many characters, including the main fish from Pixar’s Finding Dory. Also, this game is set in a city that is swarming with criminals.

Therefore, Dory can be selected to beat up criminals.

She can swim through the city in a bubble of water and can save citizens from the criminal element.

There may be even more unlikely crime-fighters hiding in this otherwise pedestrian-seeming instalment of the long-running LEGO gaming series (it’s no formula-changer, à la last year’s LEGO Ninjago The Movie game – seriously!) but I have too many other June releases on my Switch to play.

Still, a fish versus some crooks. Video games enable wondrous things.

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