Here's 25 Minutes Of Building Stuff In Dreams

While Dreams was technically shown off in between demos at E3, it wasn't until after Sony's presentation that people realised the little interstitials were created with Media Molecule's new game. Afterwards, the studio showed off 25 minutes of gameplay, giving everyone a better understanding of what Dreams is all about.

The 25 minutes demo was captured after the Sony press conference, and walks through the range of creation tools available in-game. It starts with a simple level, adding a cute fox as a prop, before adding a tree and then showing the basic rotations, resizing and ways an object can be cloned and manipulated.

From there, the level gets expanded. The tree becomes a monster, is given animations of its own, and a basic platforming sequence is introduced. Music is then added into the game, with an editor appearing that looks like a cuter version of a Premiere Pro timeline.

Having heard about Dreams for so many years, it's great to see it coming together in the flesh. I'd still like to see the general flow of the game a bit more - what does someone see when they first fire up the game? But seeing it in motion helps illuminate what it's trying to do a lot better.

A beta for Dreams will go live sometime later this year, with the full game scheduled for release this year as well.


    That was a pretty awesome clip. It's quite amazing to see the functionality they've implemented, and how in-depth it can go.

    I'm seeing a lot of LBP influence in the interface. In fact, I'm getting a very LBP vibe from the whole thing. Just much more mature in design and features. And, of course, with VR support. Starting to become a must-buy for me.

    Damn that's seriously impressive. Looks like a great way to create simple games for people with no development skill. From the look of it, it's PS4 only which is a pity. I'd love to see a windows version. A similar interface with mouse driven precision would be nice.

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