Here’s A Bunch Of Cheap PS4 Games From JB Hi-Fi

Here’s A Bunch Of Cheap PS4 Games From JB Hi-Fi
Image: Naughty Dog

Trying to bulk up your PS4 collection — including the addition of an actual PS4? Sony’s just kicked off its “Days of Play” sale, which runs from June 8 to 18 and several vendors are getting stuck into the discounting fun. Right off the bat, JB Hi-Fi has some cracking deals, with top-shelf games going for as little as $19.

There’s a lot to wade through if you’re after something in particular, but if you just want the big ticket stuff, here’s what we’ve spied so far:

There’s also a bunch of games that qualify for a two for $40 deal (all $24 standalone) including:

And loads more. The easiest way to find games that classify is to visit JB’s dedicated page for Days of Play deals.

Unfortunately, some products aren’t available for delivery (such as The Last of Us Remastered), which means you’ll have to pop into your local with stock.

Days of Play Gaming Deals [JB Hi-Fi]


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