Here’s Overcooked For Under $7

Here’s Overcooked For Under $7

As far as party games go, Overcooked is one of the biggest surprises in recent years. It also costs bugger all to add to your Steam library.

While the Steam Summer Sale is ongoing, it’s not always the best place for deals. Case in point: Overcooked is cheap enough on Steam right now, but you can save a little bit extra by going to Fanatical.

The co-op kitchen nightmare simulator is available for $6.76 right now.

Playing Overcooked Can Tear People Apart And Thankfully, Bring Them Together

Overcooked is a co-op game that brings together up to four friends, family members and/or foes to cook, prep and serve a myriad of delicious meals against the clock. When I bought it, I did not fathom that it could potentially ruin all of my relationships by forcing us to work together. And so I tried to beat the game with, of all people, my younger brother.

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With the sequel set to drop in early August, now’s a good time to hold a games night and watch as people fail miserably at chopping onions and tomatoes. For more info, here’s the link you need.


  • The most hectic, yet fun couch co-op game I’ve played in a long time. Its amazing to start off pretty poorly with your friends until you develop a rhythm and synergise so well. Even more exhilarating is when you think you’ve only just done enough to pass only to see you get 3 stars for a level.
    A great party game that’s an instant classic

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