Here's The Destiny 2 Exo Skin I Really Want

All images: Nivanh Chanthara / ArtStation

Nivanh Chanthara is a Canadian illustrator and concept artist who's been featured on these hallowed pages before, having worked on the Deus Ex series and the Ghost in the Shell film.

It's been a while since we've checked in with Chanthara's work, the last time being when we did our large roundup of the Ghost in the Shell movie. Chanthara has also worked on art for American Gods and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, however, and he's continued developing a dystopian-style project with Fred Rambaud.

Part of that dystopian project, presumably, has involved the creation of some cracking characters that would make for some outstanding Destiny 2 exo skins. This one is probably a little closer to Attack on Titan, but could you imagine seeing this in the Crucible?

Bugger me. And Bungie, if you're listening, here's a great idea for a reskin of Variks:

Little more skull than what the Destiny world is used to, but hey, it's the kind of imposing look you want before heading into an ordeal. Or imagine taking quests off these two:

Anyway, just a little dream of mine. The rest of Chanthara's stuff is just outstanding, particularly the dog that looks like it came straight out of The Evil Within. To see more of Chanthara's work in full, head to their ArtStation page.

All images: Nivanh Chanthara / ArtStation

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    Inb4 next patch

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